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WeAreDevelopers is a worldwide community of software developers and tech enthusiasts. Hosted by developers, this exclusive 1-on-1 fireside chat series gives a glimpse into world-class tech minds. Their anecdotes, career busts, wins, and everything in between. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in for a good time.

Fireside Chat with Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub
In this episode, Sead interviews GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022. They discuss Thomas's career journey, developer happiness, remote work challenges, Copilot's impact on the developer workforce, and the importance of coding education for kids. The conversation wraps up with a focus on strong leadership and a Q&A session. Don't miss this engaging discussion!
Fireside Chat with David Singleton, CTO at Stripe
David Singleton joins Sead to discuss insights from Stripe, how they set Stripe apart as an infrastructure company, and what exciting features are in the pipeline for future releases. But developing products is never easy, and David explains why user experience is often the most challenging aspect of the process. As they wrap up the conversation, Sead asks about the role of AI in Stripe's development.
Fireside Chat with Håkon Wium Lie, Inventor of CSS
In this Coffee with Developers episode, Sead and Håkon Wium Lie, inventor of CSS, discuss web development's rapid changes, the Browser Wars, and the role of developers in shaping the future. They also touch on Håkon's passion for paper and the print industry and engage in a lively Q&A session that reveals personal anecdotes from Håkon's life.
Fireside Chat with Kent C. Dodds, Creator and Trainer
Marc chats with Kent about Remix, its relationship to React, and Kent's passion for creating coding courses. The conversation wraps up with insights on learning to code through videos and advice for aspiring tech professionals. Don't miss this captivating episode with one of the world's most popular tech leaders.
Fireside Chat with Una Kravets, DevRel Team Lead at Google Chrome
In this episode of Coffee with Developers, Marc and Una discuss DevRel, current web UI accessibility challenges, and the evolution of UI/UX over the past decade. Una also shares her thoughts on CSS art and offers advice for those interested in pursuing a career in UI. Don't miss this insightful conversation!
From Opera Singer to Dev Leader with Anna McDougall
In this episode, Marc interviews Anna McDougall, Director of Product and Engineering at Axel Springer. They discuss Anna's unique journey from opera singer to software engineer, her book's inspiration, and the nuances of junior to senior developer progression. They explore work-life balance and guilty pleasures.
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