February 19, 2024
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Dev Digest 103 - Superb Owl Trafficking

Chris Heilmann

Last Friday’s Dev Digest was  again chock-full of resources, so here is a reminder what we covered with  some more in-depth insights.  

News and Articles

Unless you lived under a rock – and fair play if that’s what makes you  happy – you would have had a hard time avoiding information about the media  spectacle that’s also sport related, the Super Bowl. Now, to bring it back to  tech matters, Cloudflare analysed the Internet traffic trends during Super Bowl LVIII. It is always amazing to  see just how much of the web is firmly in the hands of people consuming  media.

Performance is a topic we don’t talk about enough and one that only  matters to us when things go wrong. Alex Russel dives deep into the performance inequality gap of  web products. This already did the rounds beginning of the year in  the performance community but it’s a really good read for anyone who wonders  why their products are slow.

Talking of performance, Matteo Collina, who we had on Coffee With Developers has  information how to  get 3x Faster  Stream Processing in Node.js.

Moving away from the web, The State of React Native is the results of a big  developer survey showing what’s going on right now. It will be interesting to  see just how impactful this framework will be seeing that it is now also available on Apple Vision  Pro , the hot, new, closed hardware of now.

Talking of which, last week’s social  media was swarmed with people showing off their new Apple headsets, some of  which even whilst driving their cyber trucks. But it turns out that wearing that one in public makes no sense

Code and Tools

CODE100 is coming live to  Amsterdam 29/02 and we want you to come and compete! To get  started we asked you to solve an Amsterdam XXX puzzle. Here is how to  solve this  challenge.

We love simple, open tools. The YouTube GIF Maker is not only useful  but also comes with source  code and a series of articles how  it was built.

Are you sure your JavaScript is secure and  free of vulnerabilities? Snyk is offering a free tool to point to  your repository and see where you have issues.

Work world

On the layoffs Hitting Riot,  Epic, and More tries to explain the sorry state of the game  developer market. The performance improvement plan  is cruel talks about issues with the PIP process. And we  have the most demanded frameworks in  job ads.

Procrastination  corner

I loved coding in Perl, but the syntax was always a challenge. As it turns out, 93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs so it wasn't me!

Squeezy is a game you play by adding letters to words to make others.

Welcome Dan to WeAreDevelopers!

WeAreDevelopers is growing! The newest addition is Daniel Cranney,  former teacher, then coder and now Developer Advocate! Get to know Daniel (11m).

Dev Digest 103 - Superb Owl Trafficking

February 19, 2024
min read

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