May 6, 2024
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Dev Digest 114 - DOS and Donts

Chris Heilmann

This time we have lots of software and tool updates, you learn how to delete your data from Google, download MS DOS and learn how sad a state the web would be without women inventors.

News and Articles

Lots happening again this week. Node.js 22 is out with require() behind a flag.

GitHub released the GitHub Copilot Workspace, a collaborative AI powered dev environment.

Amazon renamed CodeWhisperer to Q Developer and added new features.

Microsoft released a new Accessibility training course and the results of the 2024 web platform top developer needs survey. They also offer the MS-DOS Source Code and if you feel even more nostalgic, you can use 7.css to create apps with a Windows 7 look.

The Frontend Developer/Engineer Handbook 2024 Cover

Cody Lindley for Frontend Masters published the 2024 Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook.

Borgo sits between Go and Rust

There's an interesting Mastodon thread about run0 replacing sudo in systemd, and there is a new language called Borgo which promises the simplicity of Go and the type safety of Rust.

Web without women is a gorgeous site showing all the technical inventions we have because of women.

In Security matters, LLM Agents can not exploit 0-day vulnerabilities automatically, Google deleted 2.28 million malicious apps from the Play Store last year, you can delete the data Google has on you and find out how long it takes to brute-force your password.

how long it would take to crack your password

Last, but not least, Google Made Me Ruin A Perfectly Good Website complains about the issue of what it means to create web content with and for AI.

Introducing The Dev Digest Link Archive

We collect tons of links every week and only a few get featured. This is why we now have a WeAreDevelopers Dev Digest Link Archive where you can look up all the links we collected and share them on social media with a copy button.

navigating the link archive

The links are sorted by category and you can search for the Dev Digest number to filter them. We will write up how we did the archive soon on the magazine.

Code and Tools


CODE100 will be at DTX Manchester on the 22nd of May! 9 challengers are ready and you can see them here! We still want participants and challengers. You can also tell us your challenge idea and win tickets for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress!

Weird code things…


When using new URL() and adding an invalid string, the JS engine throws an error.  This is bad, as you need to wrap it in a try…catch to avoid breaking your code completely. One workaround is to use URL.canParse(str) && new URL(str) but soon we can use a new API method called URL.parse() to avoid that issue. Kilian Valkhof has all the details.

Some code articles

Let's have some CSS tricks and news, like using cool queries and implementing self-modifying variables with inherit(). Furthermore, you can now use align-content property for block layouts and it is important to know what can break aspect-ratio.

Here are some tools for this week

Work and Jobs

Interesting things in the work world. First of all, distractions seem to the the biggest problem in today's work culture, but there are ways to fight them. Related, there should be ground rules of fairness at work, we should talk more about Continuous Improvement, people claim corporate Open Source is dead and that we hate working for big companies.

Procrastination Corner / Wonderful Weird Web

Dev Digest 114 - DOS and Donts

May 6, 2024
min read

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