March 1, 2024

WeAreDevelopers celebrates expansion into the Netherlands with Europe's largest coding competition

  • Expansion aims to further accelerate platform growth in Europe
  • Competition officially marks expansion into the Dutch market
  • Martijn Imhoff takes the title of CODE100 Amsterdam Champion and reaches the finals at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in July in Berlin

What sets CODE100 apart from other coding competitions is that participants demonstrate their skills in a true e-sport fashion as a live competition on stage - programming as an event, with DJs and an audience. The event was an outstanding success: over 500 audience members closely watched the 16 competitors and, in the end, celebrated the 30-year-old winner Martijn Imhoff from the Netherlands. On the way to the finals, which will be held at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024 in Berlin on July 18th, CODE100 playoffs will take place in various technology centers across Europe, bringing the participants closer to victory and a prize pool worth 100,000 Euros.

"CODE100 is more than just a programming competition," says Chris Heilmann, Vice President of Developer Relations at WeAreDevelopers. "It is about bringing together technology, creativity, and teamwork. Software developers are helping to shape our future. With CODE100, we offer them a stage and celebrate their role in our society. That is precisely the spirit our platform embodies."

The opening ceremony of WeAreDevelopers in Amsterdam and the CODE100 competition were enriched by the presence of well-known personalities and decision-makers from the local and international corporate world. Among the guests were decision-makers and representatives of renowned companies such as Uber, Adyen,, Google, Miro, Dynatrace, Block, ING, HERE, Heineken, Picnic, Gartner, as well as representatives of the City of Amsterdam.

About WeAreDevelopers

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