July 17, 2018

WeAreDevelopers is organizing an AI Congress for developers in Vienna

Vienna, 17.07.2018 - The digital developer platform WeAreDevelopers is organizing the first AI conference for developers on the 4th and 5th of December in Vienna. Under the motto “People. Code. AI.” the WeAreDevelopers AI Congress Vienna will host the most notable developers and IT experts, who will share their knowledge on the topic of Machine Learning.

After the success of the WeAreDevelopers World Congress this year in May, WeAreDevelopers is launching another event specifically for developers. The WeAreDevelopers AI Congress Vienna is taking place in December 2018 and will focus on the topics Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and will introduce the newest developments and innovations of the interactions between people and machines. The event is taking place at the Hofburg Vienna and there will be approximately 2000 developers and IT experts attending.

“Machine Learning is based on Vision, Sound & Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), as well as Data Science and Analytics. All four areas will be extensively discussed in different expert talks and panel discussions” says Benjamin Ruschin, Managing Director and Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers. “At the Congress, we are deliberately focusing on the specific topic of Machine Learning and shedding light on the latest and most relevant developments in the industry, which cover the interactions between humans and machines. We are therefore putting a special focus on whether we can trust computer decisions, as well as the improvement of the user experience with Machine Learning software.”

The two-day conference will feature 32 expert lectures and panels, as well as 16 workshops explicitly tailored to the interests of developers. “Developers are our core target group. It’s extremely important to us to be captivating, get them involved, and set the event according to their interests” explained Sead Ahmetovic, Managing Director and Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers. “Besides numerous developers, we are also expecting over 300 IT experts of Management level to attend. The Congress is a great opportunity for them to exchange ideas and network.”

About WeAreDevelopers

WeAreDevelopers is Europe’s leading community for developers, dedicated to empowering tech talents and accelerating their careers. Founded in 2017, the company’s career platform provides valuable tech content, perfect-fit job opportunities, and outstanding events throughout the year to support the professional and personal growth of developers. The company achieved global recognition through hosting the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, the world’s largest annual event for developers, bringing together over 10,000 participants and 300 speakers to share their insights, exchange ideas, and shape the future of technology. Here, the global developer community regularly discusses current trends and developments along with industry leaders such as Steve Wozniak, Sir Tim-Berners-Lee, Amanda Silver, Thomas Dohmke, Stormy Peters, Cassie Kozyrkov, Garry Kasparov, Thomas Dohmke, Stormy Peters and many more superstars of the tech industry. WeAreDevelopers is on the mission to level up the careers of developers and to foster a community of tech professionals who are driven to succeed and make a significant impact on the industry. CEO and founder Sead Ahmetović was included in Capital Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 in 2023.