4 secret tips for boosting employee engagement with technology
May 8, 2023
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4 secret tips for boosting employee engagement with technology

Ana Gospodinova
Ana Gospodinova

The recent uprising of remote work forced employees to explore different new ways of collaboration. Using different tools, employers and managers were looking to virtually encourage connection within the workforce. Companies open to finding innovative ways to improve their employees’ time during work are seen as caring for employees.

Employees feel more connected, motivation levels go up

Employee engagement doesn’t mean just happiness. When employees feel connected, their motivation levels go up. It’s the reason why it should be used for boosting employee engagement with technology, as it contributes to workflows while easing the burden of daily tasks. While companies should explore and invest in tech, new advancements can sometimes be difficult to venture into with all the risks and constant upgrades that come along. Nevertheless, there are many benefits to incorporating the latest technology using following tips for improving employee engagement.

boosting employee engagement with technology

Rethinking employee engagement demands

Nonetheless, to remote working, collaboration platforms became vital to keeping engineers connected. Now it’s clear to company leaders that evolution in the use of digitalization enhances productivity, agility, and time-to-market for product innovation to the unseen levels. However, companies forget to rethink employee engagement from both corporate and personal perspectives, and this is where our tips for improving employee engagement are extremely valuable. If done right, experiences will become more human. Besides that, it will create long-standing bridges between onsite and remote working employees more consistently.

boosting employee engagement with technology

4 ways for technology to strengthen your community

Companies must be aware that the merger between technology and employee engagement has to be subtle. In that way, technology should be used for boosting employee engagement as it provides personal and organizational growth.

Peer-to-peer recognition helps develop constructive discussions between team leads and engineers and, ideally, acknowledges their work. Unfortunately, in most cases, engineers are left uncomfortable to open up, which makes them feel unappreciated for their work. Using messaging tools helps develop competition for achievements by bragging that at the same time is building a community where engineers feel safe to brag and celebrate success.

Enjoyment in the software development team can be induced with gamification too. As anywhere else, gamification is a process of using game-like features such as scoring points and rewards for non-game activities to boost employee engagement. The tech team can introduce leaderboards to measure project development success. It makes engineers see progress posted in real-time and build motivation to reach the main goal. At the same time, it reduces stress, increases entertainment levels, and even lowers the turnover rate. But let’s not forget that every gamification model works with goals and work habits. Therefore, it has to be carefully investigated before implementation by the HR team to avoid unhealthy competition.

Shifting learning training for engineers to virtual becomes more than a welcoming benefit. With increased work-life balance, online and mobile learning allows engineers to balance their time away from work. Mobile learning opportunities make engineers enthusiastic about conducting daily tasks and learning using tools whenever they have time for it.

Leaders can utilize employee recognition tools to make tracking easier and even more fun for everyone, at the same time improving emloyee engagement. Achievements can be easily recognized using tools available on the market, with virtual cards, high-fives, or kudos to show their appreciation or just support.

boosting employee engagement with technology

Improving employee engagement with technology

Investments in technology provide significant help for improving employee engagement for companies and for engineers. Using various initiatives to engage engineers helps transform the perception of the company to the one that sees employees as human beings rather than a much-needed workforce. It helps make employees more loyal and, at the same time, significantly contributes to the company brand, which is much needed to attract tech talent.


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