Why culture and employee engagement have big ‘likes’ from engineers
April 19, 2023
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Why culture and employee engagement have big ‘likes’ from engineers

Rudi Bauer
Rudi Bauer

Company culture can’t be defined in just one sentence, nor it’s possible to form a straightforward guidebook that brings immediate success. Firstly, because it's the living and breathing core of your company where mission and vision have a significant impact, but more importantly, it answers why your company exists on the market.

When forming and later on crafting company culture, leadership must be aware that it reflects the environment, behaviors, values, and even little office rituals. In short, how things are getting done under your roof. When well put together, organizational culture drives employee engagement and has big likes from engineers when looking for the next job.

Strong company culture helps engineers to understand expectations

The stronger the company culture, the better your engineers will understand what is expected from them. Engineers will be more happy, motivated, and committed, as stated by the most occurring benefits of engaged employees:

  • Attached to the company mission
  • Motivated to the ‘extra mile’
  • Embracing new skills more proactively
  • Creative
  • Committed to developing their carriers further on
company culture employee engagement

Strong company culture is a proven way to lower toxicity inside the organization. Since IT companies are pushing hard to maintain productivity levels and deliver according to deadlines, it’s good to know that highly engaged employees are 21% more productive than others.

Essential notes on forming factors

If company culture is defined to suit a high-performance organization, it should directly affect forming employee engagement that can support expectations too. High-performance cultures clearly outline behaviors and norms that are healthy and supportive. Making employees understand the company culture and what is expected of them.

Knowing that tech teams consist of engineers with different personalities and cultures, the first thing should be to document company culture in well-accessible formats. Engineers handbook, an online repository of explanatory videos, or a simple form presentation should satisfy different preferences. Once exposed, your team should regularly measure employee engagement levels and make improvements. This opens additional opportunities for engineers’ well-being, and that’s making them heard. Our survey estimates that 44% of participants care about being heard through feedback from their superiors, which puts additional strain on team leads to communicate proactively with team members.

4 elements of company culture with an impact on employee engagement

As company culture helps to align processes and evenly motivates team members, paying attention to updated four elements can contribute to increasing employee engagement levels.

1) Working hours flexibility

Even today, many organizations are attached to working hours as a parameter determining engineers’ productivity. These companies are wasting an opportunity not to be so harsh and rigid as there should be some flexibility.

2) Professional development

The companies should focus on providing learning opportunities and fostering engineers’ development to motivate them to work more passionately and in an engaging manner that subsequently enhances the organization’s productivity.

company culture employee engagement

3) Boosting creativity

Companies that decide to force a complete absence of creative and working freedom inside the organization will not be appreciable by software engineers. Your tech team members should be able to actively think about new and innovative ideas to come up with something worthwhile.

4) Team environment and opportunities for collaboration

Another element of the company culture that affects employee engagement is a team environment and collaboration. The software engineer job profile demands a better and more collaborative team environment for an effective and efficient workflow.

Engineers highly praise well-developed culture

Forming a healthy company culture helps gather software engineers around certain goals, creating high-quality code and continuously improving while enjoying the process. Software engineers highly praise well-developed company culture that fosters the motivation and well-being of engineers. Companies that pay attention to culture development will nurture a productive workforce willing to contribute to the company goals, while reflecting on employee engagement with big likes from engineers.


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