AI job matching: How tech is transforming the hiring game
May 13, 2024
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AI job matching: How tech is transforming the hiring game

Eli McGarvie
Eli McGarvie

You wouldn't believe how much time recruiters waste on unqualified candidates –just ask any recruiter, and if you're reading this, you've probably already seen it yourself.

In the UK, each tech job averages around 39 applicants, and if half of those are unqualified (either overqualified or not qualified), that's a ton of time and resources down the drain spent on applicants who will never make the grade.

Not to mention frustrating for everyone involved.

With this in mind, traditional hiring just doesn't cut it anymore, but the good news is that AI matchmaking is here to change the game.

In this post, I'll break down what AI job matching is all about and how it's shaking up the world of recruitment. We'll talk about the different AI matching tools out there and why platforms like WeAreDevelopers that use this tech are a game-changer for finding your ideal tech job (or your next amazing hire!). 

If you're tired of the hiring headache or you're looking for ways to make your application stand out and secure the job you've been searching for, keep on reading.

What is AI Matchmaking and How it Works

A tech job seeker sat at his laptop outside while on his smartphone

Let's be honest, the term "AI matchmaking" sounds a bit sci-fi, but in the recruitment world, it's actually pretty straightforward. 

It's pretty much a super-smart matching engine, a computer program that scans all resumes and profiles you're sent. Understanding the terms in your job description and, what you need and what's written and presented in the applicants, the AI system can provide you with the best candidates for the job.

Sure, you can do this by simply matching keywords (that's still pretty effective) in terms of rejecting applications that don't have the keywords you're looking for, but AI goes far beyond this.

How the Magic of AI Job Matching Happens (Simplified)

  • The Data Feast: AI matchmaking thrives on data. It gobbles up all the juicy details in your resume – skills, experience, past projects – and does the same for job postings.
  • The Skill Hunt: The AI isn't just looking to see whether you have "Python" listed. It understands context, can connect related skills, and even infers knowledge levels from the way you describe your work.
  • Beyond the Basics: Some advanced AI matchmaking tools even analyse your writing style to get a sense of your personality fit for a company's culture.
  • The Matchup: All this analysis lets the AI suggest matches with incredible accuracy, way better than a human recruiter could in the same amount of time.

Of course, there are a ton of benefits that come with this, including;

  • Say Goodbye to Time-Wasting: Both for job seekers (no more applying to jobs you're totally wrong for) and for recruiters (pre-qualified candidates land in their inbox).
  • Fairness Boost: AI doesn't care about your name, photo, or where you went to school. It focuses on whether your skills match the job, reducing unconscious bias in the process.
  • Hidden Gem Finder Sometimes, amazing candidates get overlooked due to how their resume is written. AI can spot those diamonds in the rough that traditional hiring might miss.

Sounds like a win-win, right? 

AI matchmaking isn't about replacing recruiters, it's like giving them a powerful sidekick to do the initial grunt work so they can focus on the human side of hiring.

Types of AI Matchmaking Tools

A recruiter in a meeting looking through potential AI job-matching platforms.

So, you're sold on the idea of smarter job hunting, but where do you find this AI magic? Here's a quick rundown of the main players:

  • Job Board Power-Ups: These are plugins or extensions that add AI-powered matching to the job boards you likely already use. Think of them as a behind-the-scenes upgrade, making your searches more targeted.
  • Standalone AI Platforms: These bad boys are all about matching. They have their own pools of candidates and jobs, with the AI engine humming away to connect the right people to the right opportunities. (WeAreDevelopers falls into this category!)
  • The Big Tech DIY: Large companies sometimes build their own in-house AI matching tools. This is less accessible to the average job seeker, but it shows how seriously big players are taking this tech.

And with those in mind, you're probably wondering which type is right for you. Well, here's my two cents:

  • If you primarily use the big job boards anyway, a matching extension might be the quickest win.
  • For that laser-focused search, especially in a niche field like tech, standalone AI platforms often excel.
  • Those aiming for the major companies... well, their in-house tools are out of our hands, but it's good to know they exist!

Talent Matchmaking Platforms: Your New Best Friend

A tech talent at work on their PC

While AI job matching is great, and there's a lot of promise there, that doesn't mean that job boards are dead, although you should absolutely forget endless job boards and generic applications from them. 

Talent matchmaking platforms put the focus squarely on finding the perfect fit for your skills and goals. 

Think of them as your personal tech career cupid, hyper-niche and specific, giving you access to communities of people suited for your vacancies and ready to hire. 

Here's how they work:

  • All About Your Profile: You create a detailed profile beyond a standard resume. It highlights your skills, projects you're proud of, and what kind of work environment excites you.
  • The AI Matchmaker: The platform's AI analyses your profile alongside its database of open positions. Matches are suggested based on deep compatibility, not just surface-level keywords.
  • Direct Connections: Instead of blindly hitting "apply," platforms often facilitate direct introductions between you and suitable companies, cutting through the noise.

The WeAreDevelopers Difference

WeAreDevelopers takes this concept to the next level for tech professionals. Here's why WAD stands out:

  • Tech-Focused Community: Our entire platform is built for developers by developers. We understand your unique needs and challenges.
  • Massive Data Advantage: WAD boasts one of the largest specialised tech talent pools. This means better AI-matching results for everyone involved.
  • Niche Expertise: Whether you're a Python guru or a mobile dev expert, we understand that specialisation matters in tech.
  • Growth Mindset: WAD offers resources for upskilling, networking opportunities, and staying up-to-date in this ever-changing industry.

If you're passionate about tech, want to connect with like-minded people, and find a company that truly values your skills, WeAreDevelopers is the community you've been searching for.

The Future of AI in Recruitment: Even Smarter, Not Scarier

AI matchmaking is still in its early days, and the possibilities are incredibly exciting. Here's what I think we'll see in the coming years:

  • Beyond Just Skills: Imagine AI that can analyse your past work and predict how well your style would mesh with a company's culture. Talk about finding a place where you truly belong!
  • The Hyper-Personalised Match: AI could get so good it recommends ideal career paths based on your potential, not just your current resume

And as an important note on all this: Robots Aren't Taking Over

I firmly believe AI is a tool to make recruiters' lives easier, not to replace them. 

The best hiring outcomes will always come from tech and human intuition working together. AI handles the initial heavy lifting, letting recruiters focus on building those relationships that seal the deal.


The world of tech recruitment is evolving, and AI matchmaking is at the forefront. If you haven't explored these tools yet, now's the time to see what you've been missing. 

Platforms like WeAreDevelopers offer a faster, more personalised way to find opportunities that genuinely excite you. Ready to transform your job search? Give it a try today.


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