An effective talent acquisition strategy in 2024
September 22, 2023
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An effective talent acquisition strategy in 2024

Luis Minvielle
Luis Minvielle

Film buffs who watched The Social Network (2010) might remember how, by the start of the century, the platform’s founder had to move to a poolside Silicon Valley house to draw in programmers who could help him out. 

Two decades in, numerous things — including the branding of social media platforms — have changed, but attracting talent in 2023 is just as tricky: Amid the Great Reshuffle, recruiting skilled technology personnel can be challenging for companies seeking to hire top-tier talent. And a talent acquisition strategy that involves relocating to a house in Palo Alto may not scale up any more.

Moreover, the demand for professionals with advanced digital capabilities often outstrips the supply, and searching for suitable candidates is daunting in 2023. 

However, with a sound talent acquisition strategy, businesses can locate and secure highly qualified individuals to drive their operations forward. In this guide, we'll explore the best practices for identifying, attracting, and hiring talented tech professionals to ensure recruitment success.

A result-driven strategic talent acquisition

A LinkedIn study suggests that 63% of recruiters are challenged by the notable shortage of qualified talent in the tech industry. This is an indication of a prevalent issue that hinders effective recruitment. However, an optimised talent acquisition strategy could significantly mitigate this problem.

Enhancing the recruitment process can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition. Mastering this strategic approach can potentially trim down the hiring cycle by up to 60% and improve the calibre of candidates sourced. It is a misconception that speed compromises quality; in fact, the right strategy allows for both.

What is a talent acquisition strategy?

A talent acquisition strategy is a tailored plan for finding, assessing, and recruiting top talent to meet an organisation's long-term objectives.

Consider it to be your recruiting master plan — the blueprint that guides your every move when attracting, sourcing, and acquiring top-notch tech talent. It’s the art of aligning your recruiting efforts with your company’s goals and culture, ensuring that every hire contributes to your organisation’s growth and prosperity.

Key elements of a successful talent acquisition strategy

After comprehending the essence of a talent acquisition strategy, we can move to discussing the proven strategies that enable a competitive advantage in tech recruitment. With these methods, recruiters can effectively draw top tech talent.

1. Laser-focused employer branding

In a world where tech enthusiasts have many options, your employer brand and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) must glimmer like a motion picture star. Highlight your company’s unique culture, values, and the remarkable impact your tech team makes. Remember, in the tech realm, a strong employer brand acts as a powerful beacon, guiding the brightest minds to your doorstep.

2. Leveraging online platforms

Ah, the digital realm — a boundless universe teeming with tech-savvy explorers. Engage them where they reside — on social media, job boards, and those specialised platforms tailored for tech gurus. In 2023, long-established tech companies are even training their workforce to act as influencers — potentially luring in curious talent to their doorstep.

3. Networking and referrals

Networking plays a crucial role in the tech industry. Building relationships within the tech community, attending relevant conferences, and connecting with influencers in the field can significantly broaden the pool of potential candidates. Additionally, the value of employee referrals should not be overlooked. Satisfied employees can attract similarly skilled professionals to your organization. If you want to rank first on the Great Place to Work standings, you can always start by attending the events and raising awareness about your pledge to take the trophy home.

4. Creating a positive candidate experience

Imagine your application process as a virtual red carpet, guiding candidates toward a thrilling tech adventure with your company. Streamline your application process, offer timely feedback, and shower candidates with warmth and respect. A positive experience will have them singing your praises, attracting even more exceptional tech talent to your cause.

These methods will help any company develop an organic talent acquisition strategy that a strong employer brand supports. But, in 2023, recruiting professionals know that leveraging tech is necessary to further perfect this approach.

Trusting the process to a tech recruiting partner

A large majority of consulted recruiting professionals agree that a well-devised talent acquisition strategy is indeed crucial for effective tech talent acquisition. Still, the incorporation of the latest recruiting technologies grants a greater headhunting edge altogether. The modern digital landscape necessitates the use of technology to streamline recruitment processes. Trusting a reliable tech partner in this endeavour can significantly reduce the time spent sourcing high-quality developers, ensuring more efficient and successful recruitment.

The implementation of key features provided by these tech partners can enhance the recruitment process. For instance, using a platform that offers job advertisements, recruiting services, and a dedicated brand page can be particularly beneficial.

Job advertisements are one of the many ways to attract suitable tech talents, allowing recruiters to reach a wider pool of candidates. Meanwhile, expert recruiting services can further simplify the talent acquisition process, reducing the time recruiters spend searching for suitable candidates and enhancing the quality of those sourced. In a field with enormous demand, making the ad stand out is a challenge which seems particularly urging in 2023: a McKinsey survey found out that almost 9 out of 10 executives believe companies are not prepared to deal with the tech talent gap.

Moreover, having a brand page on a well-recognized platform provides the opportunity to improve employer branding and visibility. This not only enhances the appeal of the company to potential candidates but also provides a central location where interested developers can find all the information they need.

The benefits of such offerings can be boiled down to convenience and efficiency — reducing the time spent looking for developers, having all necessary resources and potential candidates in one spot, and enabling recruiters to focus on their core responsibilities. It is a more strategic and cost-effective approach to tech talent acquisition, benefiting both recruiters and potential employees alike.

An effective partner to define a talent acquisition strategy in 2023

Finding the right place to post job descriptions is key to developing a talent acquisition strategy. It's not just about where you post, but how quickly you can find the right person. Did you know it can cost a company about €4000 if a job vacancy isn’t filled within 42 days? A sound tech recruitment platform can help speed things up, saving both time and money.

So, what should HR professionals look for in such a platform to clearly define a talent acquisition strategy in 2023?

  • A Gathering of a region’s top tech talents: It's essential that the platform naturally attracts the best developers from around the region you wish to cover. The tech world is increasingly globalised, and a regional approach will help your company cater to a broader audience.
  • Tech-specific recruiting features: It should offer tools and features designed specifically for recruiting tech talent and promoting employer brands.
  • Swift sourcing and hiring: The platform needs to make the journey from spotting a potential candidate to hiring them as short and efficient as possible.
  • Precise search and broad talent selection: It should allow you to easily sift through its database and pinpoint the right candidates for specific roles.

Remember, hiring behemoths in the tech world like Microsoft and Google prefer platforms that tick all these boxes. If you're looking to improve your talent acquisition strategy, it's a good idea to ensure the platform you choose meets these standards.

Level up your talent acquisition strategy 💪

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