JACOB Elektronik GmbH

JACOB Elektronik GmbH


201 - 500


eCommerce, Electronics, Information Tech



dvrTech stack

PHP, .NET, Go, C#, Vue.js, Docker, REST, Gitlab

gradeKey values

checkDiverse team
checkAwesome co-workers
checkCommunicating transparently
checkFlexible hours
checkAgile processes
checkFast-paced environment
checkCustomer oriented
checkFast growing team
checkOptions for working remotely

Work at JACOB Elektronik GmbH

JACOB Elektronik GmbH is a trading company specializing in selling IT and consumer electronics online, based in Karlsruhe. Via our online store https://www.jacob.de we are currently selling about 1,200,000 products from about 3,000 manufacturers to private and corporate customers.

The service of our products and the associated support of our corporate customers is the responsibility of our sales team, which currently consists of more than 100 colleagues across all branches.

Meet the team

Our Jacob Team wants to introduce themselves. Find out who we are and what we are looking for.

Meet Marc

Marc Bunge, our calm, composed and very experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach since 01.12.2020.

How should we understand his role and what is his task?

"Well, I see myself first and foremost as an Agile coach, Scrum Master is the operational part, of what I do. Agile Coach is the strategic part. The daily business is the Scrum Master, the moving forward is the Agile Coach. At this point I see myself as enabling colleagues to be able to do things. I'm always working on my own abolition in the process. I actually hope that at some point my colleagues will be able to do my job- at least the part of the Scrum Master. I think it's in everyone as well and I would like to have some support. I am not a developer, we have other capable people for that, so I'm standing next to them as a guide and I'm a bit of an advocate for the team, when they can't solve problems.
On the other hand, I'm also the mouthpiece to push certain things forward that may be difficult to communicate."

Marc has already been with us for more than 6 months. Did JACOB surprise him? If yes, with what?
"There are a lot more job sites than what I thought when I started. At the beginning I thought; ok, now you are part of the IT Team - as a Scrum Master. But as an Agile Coach I'm impacting company-wide. Then there were the first interfaces with Customer Service, discussion with Sales and Logistics. In my early days, I was lucky enough to meet all the Head Of‘s of the Company.Which made it clear - Even more job sites than expected, sounds like a lot of work."

What is he appreciating of his work at JACOB?
"The freedom of being able to do what I love to do and having the understanding of others that it's really moving us forward and that it's a meaningful contribution. I feel that appreciation for what I do. There is a lot of freedom and trust in that. The things that you expect in agile, this self-responsibility, I get that in a very big way.

Developer jobs at JACOB Elektronik GmbH

We don’t have any open positions right now.