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The world’s biggest event for developers. Joined by 15k+ tech professionals.
A virtual event series filled with tech talks, coding sessions and workshops.
Europe’s ultimate coding competition. Join the event as a partner and sponsor.
Get insights by recruiting & HR experts on exclusive stages. Access full World Congress.
WeAreDevelopers World Congress WeAreDevelopers World Congress
Connect with a worldwide tech community. Since 2018.
The world’s leading event for developers
17-19 July 2024 • Berlin, Germany
Join 15k+ developers, elevate your brand's visibility, generate leads, and meet potential candidates to expand your development team. It’s the perfect place to meet and share insights with fellow tech leaders and experts.
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Engage with fellow industry experts and get insights on developers interests and needs
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WeAreDevelopers LIVE WeAreDevelopers LIVE

Level up your skills, live.

Connect with developers
in a native environment
WeAreDevelopers LIVE is a virtual event series covering tech talks, coding sessions and workshops on specific tech topics. This format creates maximum relevance for developers and provide you with great targeting opportunities.
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One competition. Multiple European cities.
Europe’s ultimate coding competition
Zagreb • Amsterdam • Manchester • Berlin
Become a partner and join us on this unique roadshow. Increase your brand exposure, maximize your marketing efforts, and connect with hundreds of developers. Let your brand shine front and center during CODE100.
100 coders — only 1 champion
Europe’s ultimate coding competition
Seize the chance to showcase your brand at the unforgettable CODE100 events. Contact us now for partnership and sponsorship opportunities!
Tech Recruiting Summit Tech Recruiting Summit
From AI to Gen Z
Dive into tech recruiting & HR trends at the World Congress
Tech Recruiting, Employer Branding, Retention, Leadership and more. Get insights by proven experts on exclusive stages, including access to the full WeAreDevelopers World Congress program.