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With over 280+ billion chips to date worldwide across every technology touchpoint—from sensors and smartphones to the car and cloud—Arm is present wherever compute happens. 

Today, we’re equipping software developers with the tools they need to optimize code performance and accessibility across diverse hardware platforms. We’re turning up the volume on security, power efficiency, and performance, orchestrating open software standards and providing a community space for experts and developers to learn new skills together. 

Across the board, we’re empowering developers to build better software with support to deploy and run next-generation applications faster than ever and without friction. Our goal is to free developers to focus on innovation that defines the future of computing. Where there's compute, there's a community on Arm. 

Building the Future of Computing

Is the future in there? The future of computing is being built on Arm through our unique combination of performance and efficiency. Across all aspects of life, Arm is creating an AI-accelerated world where technology empowers everyone. 

See how the future lies within the technology we use today, in the chips that enable AI to work seamlessly for everyone, everywhere, influencing how we work, play, and connect. 

Arm is the foundation of technology that covers every compute touchpoint, from sensors to smartphones to supercomputers. With over 280 billion chips shipped globally, we continue to power the world’s most advanced and innovative technologies. 

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led us to partner with the world’s leading technology companies, from cloud to edge, to shape a more connected world. 

Together, we can change the world again. 

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A Community to Build the Future on Arm

🦸‍♀️️ Software Developer Unite! 🦸‍♂️  

The Arm Developer Program is a great place for you to collaborate, code, and innovate for the next technology revolution. If you’re looking to up-skill, join a vibrant developer community, or maybe just show off your passion for building on Arm, welcome home. 

Wherever computing happens, the Arm architecture is at the core. And software developers building on this architecture are changing the world. We want to help you do your best work, so we’ve pulled Arm and industry experts, the latest tools and resources, and the incredible developer community together to solve issues, bring new ideas to life, and create real results.  

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Keep Building Your Skillset

🛠️🧰 Looking to upscale your development skills?

The Arm Developer Hub has the resources you need to create, innovate, and scale software solutions.  

Whether you are working on smartphones, laptops, servers, cloud computing, or embedded systems, the Arm Developer Hub has everything you need. Explore learning paths, tutorials, code examples, and technical videos to elevate your development skills to the next level. 

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Developer jobs at Arm

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