»We’ve made Berlin the global capital of tech innovation yet again. It’s fantastic to see the world’s most influential tech masterminds sharing their expertise and insights with the community and vice versa, showing how Developers are building and shaping the future of our society. WeAreDevelopers World Congress has been an incredible success«

Sead Ahmetovic,
CEO and Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers

»I think it’s one of the best events, if not the best event. We are about to hire a thousand developers, so this is the place to be.«

Tómaš Čupr,
founder and CEO of Rohlik Group

»This congress is an amazing opportunity to meet thousands of developers from all over the world. «

Arik Shtilman,
CEO of Rapyd

»WeAreDevelopers is my favorite conference. It is the only one I'm going to this year, because it’s for developers, by developers, all the content is real«

Joel Spolsky,
speaker and founder StackOverflow
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at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024 - 17 - 19 July 2024

Tech Recruiting, New Work, Employer Branding, Leadership and more.
Get insights by proven experts on exclusive stages, including access to the full WeAreDevelopers World Congress program.

Employer Branding
People & Culture
Diversity & Inclusion
HR Tech
New Work
Personal Branding
Tech Recruiting
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Future of Work

from AI to gen z

Tech Recruiting Insights at WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the best place to get a complete overview of current insights and future trends in the modern workplace environment. A Tech Recruiting Pass gives you access to the Tech Recruiting Stages as well as the full program of WeAreDevelopers World Congress.

Employer Branding
People & Culture
Diversity & Inclusion
HR Tech
New Work
Personal Branding
Tech Recruiting
Candidate Journey
Future of Work

Tech Recruiting Pass

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Learn from more than 50 proven experts in tech recruiting, people and culture management
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previously on our stage

Rudi Bauer
CCO & Chief Evangelist at WeAreDevelopers
Gero Hesse
Hung Lee
Editor at Recruiting Brainfood
Katrina Collier
Author, Facilitator and Speaker at Katrina Collier Limited
Ben Craig
Head of Recruitment & Employer Brand at Miro
Dalia Das
CEO at neue fische GmbH
Eva-Maria Meyr
Global Director of Employer Branding at Dynatrace
Nathalie Marie PĂ©rez Sievers
Founder I HR / Recruitment Consultant & Business Trainer at The People Hub
Tim Cadenbach
Developer Evangelist at DeepL
Marc Backes
DevRel Lead at WeAreDevelopers, Vue Enthusiast
Marcus Merheim
Founder at hooman EMPLOYER MARKETING
Luise Freese
Independent Consultant
Yenny Cheung
Engineering and Product Executive
Pauline WeiĂź
Team Lead Talent Acquisition at powercloud GmbH
Sarah Fox
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin fĂĽr Kommunikation und Wissensmanagement at involas Institut fĂĽr berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik GmbH
Oliwia Schildt
Business Development at CareerFoundry
Linda Stauffenberg
Managing Director at Experience One AG
Annika Mutius
Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Empion
Ramona Schwering
Software Engineer at shopware AG
Nathalie Gierth
HR Managerin at iTentity GmbH
Alla Pavlova
Talent Sourcing Partner at Riot Games
Martin Tillert
Partner Director DACH bei G-P at Globalization Partners
Dominik Schweers
Director International IT fĂĽr Stores Checkout at ALDI SĂśD
Thomas Kohler
CEO at pplwise
Dr. Christoph Hardt
CEO Malt Deutschland at MALT
Agnes Koller
Head of Scientific Research at career Institut & Verlag
Linda DĂĽrrbeck
Recruiting Partnerin at idealo internet GmbH
Nadja Auer
Head of Talent Attraction International IT at ALDI SĂśD
Brian Struck
Managing Director / Prokurist at BCM Solutions
Katja Martina Mayer
Director Communications & Community at EMBRACE / Bertelsmann
Alexandra Ennsberger
Head of People & Culture at WeAreDevelopers GmbH
Tobias Fackler
Employer Branding at diconium
Julia Hauska
Head of Recruiting at TTI Group
Cathy Demmel
Head of TA Europe at Thoughtworks
Anne Katharina Rhode
Head of Organizational Design at Thoughtworks
Rimma Pitkewitsch
People & Culture Manager at comspace GmbH & Co. KG
Konstantin Diener
CTO at cosee GmbH
Ana Gospodinova
Director Talent Management at WeAreDevelopers GmbH
Kerstin Michels
MitbegrĂĽnderin und COO at voiio
Adnan Pavlovic
Regional Director at WeAreDevelopers
Jonas Krauspe
Digital innovation & digital health specialist at www.jonaskrauspe.de

Why partner with us?

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is considered by many as the world's flagship event for developers. It is not just another developer conference - it is a totally different and astonishing experience with a focus on the intersection of developers and companies in a natural way.

The event brings together brilliant speakers with an amazing community to exchange ideas, share knowledge, drive insightful conversations, facilitate networking and last but not least - have fun.

We celebrate developers and we love what we do.


Brilliant Speakers

Some of the most exciting names from the world of software development join us on stage. And developers come to listen to their stories, hear their ideas, absorb their knowledge and learn from the best.

Professional Growth

Our event allows both developers and companies to grow and leaner from each other by exchanging ideas.

Connect and Network

Meet like-minded people and expand your career, business and industry network. Yes, it's also a perfect opportunity to do team-building.

»If you are part of the world of programming, this is the place to go.«

John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein

»WeAreDevelopers is the place where you meet everyone else in the industry and learn about the latest things.«

David Singleton
CTO, Stripe