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Get pre-screened candidates directly from our tech recruiters
Interact with experts specialized in the tech stacks you need
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Our tech recruiting experts are embedded in Europe’s #1 tech community.
Expert matching
We scout for top-tier tech talent, matching the expertise and tech stacks required.
Wide network
Our recruiters have access to talent pools and networks in diverse countries.
When to choose our Managed Recruiting Services
Job boards haven't yielded the desired results
You require very specific skills, expertise, and tech stacks
You want to hire qualified candidates from a pre-selected tech talent pool

»The team got us in contact with many outstanding candidates for an open position, and we have found a great Senior iOS Developer for our team.«

Head of HR — MeisterLabs

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Embedded Systems
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Machine Learning
AI Research
Technical Writing
System Admin
Technical Support
Tech/Team Lead
Project Manager
System Architect
IT Management
Software Architect
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Our mission is to assist you in finding the perfect talent for your organization. We understand your precise requirements and excel at making the ideal matches for your needs.

How our recruiting services work

1 Get a dedicated tech recruiter
Meet our experts available at your service to maximise your hiring success during an onboarding call.
2 Active sourcing
Our career advisors identify and approach suitable candidates within 120k registered and actively searching community.
3 Pre-screening & interview notes
We will deliver pre-filtered and pre-screened candidates based on the job requirements directly to your hiring manager.
4 Applicant tracking dashboard
Get a clear overview of your candidates and keep track of the hiring pipeline.
Win top tech talent!
Explore your hiring needs with a sales manager
Consult with our tech recruiting specialists
Understand tech professionals and get qualified candidates
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