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David Leitner - 2 years ago
Rethinking Reactive Architectures with GraphQL
In this talk we will focus on the reactive paradigm's central concepts, core ideas, and the corresponding manifest and make them understandable. Based on this knowledge, we will go into detail by mapping it to concrete patterns, like event-centric persistence, the concept of hydrations or projections, and the shift of creating systems in a fully push-based design from end-to-end. Upon a closer look at the advantages and challenges we've experienced in customer projects, it turns out that reactive architecture is not a silver bullet either. Rather, they are suited for a specific set of problems. In a nutshell, reactive architectures can be a game-changing tool to build cloud-native, highly responsive, and resilient applications. This talk will give you the needed knowledge to decide if it's the right one for the job.
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