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Thomas Fuchs, Waleed Arshad, Frank Dornberger & Idir Ouhab Meskine: - 1 year ago
Demystifying DevOps—Pros, cons, dos & don'ts
We hear a lot about DevOps but how do we turn it from myth into reality? In this panel with Waleed Arshad ,Community Manager at Snyk, Frank Dornberger Teamlead DevSecOps at movingimage EVP GmbH and Idir Ouhab Meskine Staff Solutions Engineer at Splunk, we're going to be going over: * The good, the bad, and the ugly when it came to DevOps adoption by their teams and organisations * Now that your teams have adopted DevOps, how do you maintain that drumbeat? * What does the future of DevOps look like? NoOps perhaps?
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