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Markus Kett - 11 months ago
Build ultra-fast In-Memory Database Apps and Microservices with Java
Modern software applications have to collect, link, and search tons of data - preferably in real-time. Cloud-native microservices are the defacto-standard architecture and the trend is increasingly toward serverless computing. However, conventional databases cannot keep pace and the traditional Java stack is not suited for building cloud-native apps. The biggest challenges are low performance, slow startup time, high memory consumption, disproportionately high administration effort, and skyrocketing cloud costs. Are Java and classic database systems still suited for modern cloud-native and serverless systems? In this workshop, you will learn first of all what cloud-native microservices and serverless actually mean, how these systems basically work, and why the traditional Java stack and conventional database systems are not suited for the cloud. After that, you will learn how you can build ultra-fast, highly available, horizontally scalable, and cost-efficient in-memory database apps and microservice by using the modern Java cloud-native technology stack combining modern serverless platforms.
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