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Falk-Moritz Schaefer - 1 year ago
Robots are coming into the wild! Full-Stack Robotics Engineers, be ready!
Robots are coming into the wild, i.e. robots are increasingly used outside the manufacturing shopfloors and warehouses. It’s an interesting and growing field for software engineers! Today, robots can relieve people from dull and dangerous tasks also in less predictable environments and situations such as inspecting industrial sites and assets. This session is about diving into the business and technology aspects of autonomous robotics systems used for inspection with two client-inspired showcases with different technologies 1 end-to-end drone inspection of a harbor, and 2 legged-robot inspection of an energy plant. The implementation of robotic systems requires cross-disciplinary work applying systems thinking across embedded, computer vision, signal processing, optimization, connectivity, distributed systems, cloud, user experience and human machine interaction. We will describe the term Full-Stack Roboticist and explain the opportunities for developers.
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