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Alvaro Saburido - 1 month ago
TresJS a new declarative ThreeJS as Vue components
Meet TresJS ▲ ■ ●, a declarative way of bringing the magic of ThreeJS using everyday Vue Components and composables. Think of it as React-three-fiber or Lunchbox but without the need for a custom renderer. It just works. Then we are going to give an overview of how TresJS solves the issue of outdated Vue wrapper libraries that struggle to keep up with ThreeJS updates and how it simplifies the process of creating ThreeJS scenes for everyone that want to start using 3D on their Vue/Nuxt apps without much experience. Then we are going to craft a beautiful scene using geometries, materials, lights, 3D Models, and fancy effects that will delight your visitors. Are you ready to add a new dimension to your Vue Apps?
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