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Lukas Georgieff & Alberto Gisbert - 2 years ago
Slip Through the Boundaries of Legacy Systems with Kotlin and Spring WebFlux
Based on real world projects at Porsche we will show you how we make use of Spring WebFlux and Kotlin in an environment of multiple legacy systems to slip through their natural boundaries. You will get an insight into our process of choosing a technology stack which resulted in Spring WebFlux. Expectations on our side have been to reduce resource consumption, increase efficiency, maintaining a high level of abstraction in our code and having a better way of dealing with the inherited long response times of systems we depend on. Furthermore, bundling Spring WebFlux with Kotlin allows us to write code in a very expressive and functional style, making our code more readable and maintainable. We will explain our learning curve with some examples and address some of the common pitfalls we faced. Join us as we share our ups and downs when expectations meet reality.
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