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Miki Lombardi - 11 months ago
Covid-19 - A crowdsourced map for checking supermarket wait times worldwide
In March 2020 the world is completely blocked and people are lining up to shop or to the pharmacy or to buy basic necessities. There have been many initiatives and among these I have created a worldwide map that allows anyone to check the estimated waiting times of supermarkets, pharmacies and places of interest. In addition to this, I gave people the opportunity to check waiting times and correct them through a crowdsourcing mechanism. All this, to be fast in development and in responding to requests, has exploited Redis with its geospatial indexes. The opensource project has obtained more than 2Mln visits in about 3 months of life, until June 2020 when the pandemic slowed down. In this talk we will see the architecture and the problems I encountered and solved with Redis.
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