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Shedrack Akintayo - 2 months ago
Decoupling 101 - Why decouple, when not to, progressive decoupling and success stories in decoupling
Decoupled web applications have recently gotten attention in the software development industry, this is because of how useful and effective it can be for development teams. Decoupling is a software architecture pattern that entails splitting web applications into smaller components that perform only a subset of tasks. This is advantageous because it becomes easier to maintain and update code without affecting the whole application or needing to understand each part of the site. Decoupling comes with it’s own risks of added complexity, and cannot always be implemented quickly or even the right choice for every site. In this talk, we'll explore the basics of decoupling, and how you can identify whether decoupling is appropriate for your site. We’ll also cover progressive decoupling as a migration strategy, as well as a series of success stories from teams and individuals that have used a decoupled architecture for their applications in production.
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