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Tobias Modig - 8 months ago
Get old, go slow, write code!
Turning old as a developer is hard. It is hard to stay relevant, hard to keep up with the competition of newcomers and hard to know all of those new frameworks, tools, languages and practices. However, the truth is that we oldies have a big advantage over the younglings. We are slow! Slow is good! So whatever you do, don’t put your programming on the shelf just because someone half as old writes code with twice the speed. I really believe that we need to take a step back, embrace the skill of being slow and change the developer culture to understand that the best way to go fast in the long run often is to be “controlled slow” in the short run. In this highly interactive talk I will elaborate on the traditional “software developer life cycle” (developer -> team lead -> project leader -> manager) and try to show how we can make those grey hair your biggest asset, just by slowing down.
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