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Amanda Martin - 4 months ago
Give your build some love, it will give it back!
The notion of developer productivity is a key subject in our increasingly computerized society. It seems consistent to apply the same software engineering practices to the build as for your applications and libraries. The recent evolutions of Gradle cover the technical aspect of the build but also the ways to implement. We will see how developments for JVM projects and dependency management allow you to model your projects and publish your libraries with richer metadata. Some examples: * modeling test suites, *Java compatibility of your library, * securing your dependencies You will learn how to organize the construction of your software, whether a mono repository or several repos. Build logic will be reusable, convention-based, and with code quality and testing. We'll also see how Configuration Cache helps speed up local development by starting tasks running immediately. You will learn how it works and what constraints it imposes, in alignment with idiomatic recommendations.
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