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Sasha Shynkevich - a year ago
How to Stop Choosing JavaScript Frameworks and Start Living
Imagine, you have a task to hang a picture on the wall. What would you do first? You can start with picking up your favourite tool. Let's say, a hammer. If you're a Senior HammerJS Developer, you could probably use a hammer for screws as well as for nails. Or you could spend some time on researching if you need that picture on that particular wall in the beginning. Same goes for the frontend development. JavaScript framework is just a tool that helps us to build applications. And as any other tool it has its purpose and the list of tasks it's good for. So why is it so hard to choose the right one for a new project? In the talk Sasha is going to share her experience on how to choose the best tools for your projects and what important things you have to decide before you start looking at your options.
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