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Michael Eder & Philipp Frauenthaler - 12 days ago
Our journey with Spring Boot in a microservice architecture
The core principle of a microservice architecture - or simply microservices - is to split an application into small services that can be developed, deployed and operated independently from each other. Individual services may be assigned to separate teams and budgets. While decomposing an application into smaller pieces is a promising approach for complex applications, microservices also introduce some challenges, affecting technical aspects as well as organizational ones. In our Spring Boot projects, we have been using microservices for over two years now. For our teams, adopting a microservice architecture was completely new. We trapped into pitfalls and faced a lot of complexities we didn't expect. However, during the last two years, we gained many new insights. In this session, we want to share our learnings, talk about our architecture's evolvement and shed light on technical as well as organizational challenges.
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