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Humera Minhas & Parinitha Hirehal - 7 months ago
Shoot for the moon - machine learning for automated online ad detection
We at eyeo are dedicated to bringing sustainable balance to the internet. For this to work, content creators, publishers and advertisers must be able to fairly monetize but also must do so without compromising the user experience. We think the best way to reach this is with ad filtering. We looked into using advanced artificial intelligence such as machine learning to tackle 1 of the main issues for internet users today, how to handle intrusive & inappropriate ads which can invade privacy & the overall user experience. We set ourselves 1 huge, crazy goal - a moonshot - to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that automates ad detection. This would include components from data collection to model training & testing; from research & development to putting things in production including QA & monitoring. In this talk, we will take you through our journey to the moon as we look to revolutionize the way ad detection works & we’ll go over our efforts, learnings, challenges and achievements
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