February 23, 2023
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Public Holidays in Amsterdam 2023 

Eli McGarvie
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Amsterdam celebrates several public holidays, ranging from New Year's Day to Christmas. Among the most prominent holidays are King's Day, which honors the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, and Liberation Day, which marks the end of World War II. 

In addition to these national holidays, various regions within the country celebrate their own local holidays, such as Carnival in the southern provinces. As a result, many schools and businesses across Amsterdam shut down in observance of these festive occasions.

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Types of holidays in Amsterdam

There are several types of holidays in Amsterdam, including:

Amsterdam public holidays

There are 7 public holidays recognised in Amsterdam, these include national holidays like Good Friday and Easter Monday plus two public holidays celebrated solely in Amsterdam. There are also additional regional public holidays observed in specific states in Amsterdam. 

Dutch religious holidays

Amsterdam observes several religious holidays throughout the year, including Christian holidays such as Easter, Ascension Day, and Pentecost. Easter is celebrated as a two-day public holiday, with the first day being Easter Sunday, and the second day Easter Monday. Ascension Day, which falls 40 days after Easter, is also observed as a public holiday. Pentecost, which occurs seven weeks after Easter, is another religious holiday in Amsterdam. 

In addition, Christmas is widely celebrated in Amsterdam as a religious holiday, with Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 26th) both observed as public holidays. While these holidays have religious significance, they are also celebrated in a more secular manner by many people in Amsterdam, with traditions such as Easter egg hunts and Christmas markets.

Easter in Amsterdam

Easter (Pascha) is a significant religious holiday in Amsterdam, celebrated with traditional processions, church services, and cultural events. Easter in Amsterdam is from April 7 - April 10, 2023. Good Friday (Goede Vrijdag) and Easter Monday (Tweede Paasdag) are public holidays. 

State-specific holidays

In addition to the seven national holidays observed throughout Holland, there are also several regional holidays specific to certain parts of the country. King's Day is a national holiday, but the city of Amsterdam also celebrates with a "King's Night" the night before, which includes concerts and parties. 

St. Nicholas' Eve is a holiday mainly celebrated in Amsterdam on December 5th, where children leave their shoes out overnight and receive small presents and sweets from "Sinterklaas" (St. Nicholas) and his helpers. 

Secular Holidays

Amsterdam also celebrates several secular holidays, including National Remembrance Day (May 4). Liberation Day (May 5), Labor Day, and Carnival (Feb 19 - 21). These holidays are usually observed with parades, fireworks, cultural events, and traditional foods.

List of holidays in Amsterdam

Date Holiday Dutch name Day
January 1 New Year Nieuwjaarsdag Sunday
April 7 Good Friday Goede Vrijdag Friday
April 9 Easter Sunday Eerste Paasdag Sunday
April 10 Easter Monday Tweede Paasdag Monday
April 27 King's Day Koningsdag Thursday
May 4 National Remembrance Day Dodenherdenking Thursday
May 5* Liberation Day Bevrijdingsdag May 5*
May 18 Ascension Day Hemelvaartsdag Thursday
May 28 Whit Sunday / Eerste Pinksterdag Sunday
May 29 Whitmonday Tweede Pinksterdag Monday
December 5 Saint Nicholas's Eve Sinterklaas Tuesday
December 25 Christmas Day Eerste Kerstdag Monday
December 26 Boxing Day Tweede Kerstdag Tuesday
December 31 New Year's Eve Oudejaarsavond Sunday

*May 5th is a paid holiday every five years, next in 2025.

Informal Dutch holidays

Carneval • Feb 19 – Feb 21, 2023
March Equinox
• 20 Mar, 2023
(Mother’s Day) • May 14, 2023
• Jun 18, 2023
​​June Solstice
• Jun 21, 2023
Keti Koti
• Jul 1, 2023
(Redhead Day) • August 25-27, 2023
September Equinox
• Sep 23, 2023
December Solstice
• Dec 22, 2023

How public holidays work in Amsterdam

Public holidays in Amsterdam work similarly to other regions in Holland. The country recognises 7 national and regional public holidays.

On public holidays, most shops, restaurants, and public institutions, including banks and post offices, are closed. However, there are some exceptions, such as grocery stores, which may have limited hours. Public transport operates on a reduced schedule, and it's essential to check the timetable beforehand.

Employers are required by law to provide their employees with a minimum of four weeks of paid vacation each year, but employers are not required to provide additional time off for public holidays. However, many employers do offer paid time off for public holidays as a benefit to their employees.

Public Holidays in Amsterdam 2023 

February 23, 2023
min read

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