Basic And Advanced Networking in Dart and Flutter

August 19, 2022
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Basic And Advanced Networking in Dart and Flutter
Anna Leushchenko
Anna Leushchenko

Most applications, be it mobile, web, or desktop, depend on some kind of backend. Thus, an API layer is an integral part of application implementation.

This six-part series presents tools and approaches that facilitate API layer implementation in Flutter and Dart applications we use at Tide:

Each of these parts can be applied independently, but together they complement each other and form a full-fledged API layer implementation.


To have some fun we’ll use Marvel Comic API and create a Flutter application that displays a list of Marvel comics.

Check out the Flutter Advanced Networking GitHub repository with a full example.

If you prefer consuming video content, be sure to watch Anna (Domashych) Leushchenko's talk “Basic and advanced networking in Dart and Flutter — the Tide way” on Flutter Global Summit’22.

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We at Tide rely heavily on the code-generating mechanism with build_runner.

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About the author:

Anna Leushchenko is a mobile development expert, passionate about quality software, from Ukraine. She is Google Developer Expert in Dart and Flutter, and Women Techmakers Ambassador. Anna talks and blogs about cross-platform development, contributes to OSS, and mentors talented women in IT. Follow Anna on Twitter and Medium to get notified about her recent work.

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