April 29, 2023
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13 AI Tools You Have to Try

Eli McGarvie
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First, it was NFTs, then it was Web3, and now it’s generative AI… it’s probably time to stop collecting pictures of monkeys and kitties. Chatbots and generative AI are the next big thing. This time we’ve jumped on a trend that has real-world applications. Tech that makes a measurable difference in our day-to-day lives – not some technology ten years out from being implemented. 

While most of this hype stems from the release of the newest version of ChatGPT, AI productivity tools have been looming in the background for some time. We’ve just seen an exponential influx of tools built, powered, and inspired by the GPT revolution. With all this new tech, could there be a tool more useful to you and your work than ChatGPT and its marketplace of plugins? Here are seventeen AI tools that could be better than ChatGPT. 


We’re starting this list strong with AI tools that can help you build better presentations. I’m imagining consultants from McKinsey and PWC just losing their minds over the latest developments in slide technology. Now they can actually do nothing and still rake in billions. Good for them. Meet Decktopus, the world’s #1 AI-powered presentation generator and #1 product of the day on Product Hunt. Type in the title of your presentation and let Decktopus fill in the rest. 


This is another presentation app for all the 23-year-old senior consultants out there making slide decks for our amazing government. Beautiful.ai is the secret weapon of today’s biggest brands, including Google, Adobe, Uber, and IBM. You can save 75% in design time compared to presentations made with PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi. It’s a great tool if you create a lot of pitch decks and sales proposals but you’re not super design-savvy. As the name suggests, this tool will help you create beautiful presentations. 


Quinvio is either going to be super useful to you or completely useless. The tool helps you write scripts for video presentations. Once the script is quickly generated by the tool you can turn it into a full-blown video production. Choose a language, a voice, and an avatar to be the face of your message. Quinvio could be a good option if you want to deliver a more personal message to your company or client instead of just sending through a slide deck. I have to say the generated video does look very realistic and professional. This is a paid tool, it’s about $30/mo for 10 minutes of video. 


Gone are the days when you need to delegate a person to take meeting minutes. Their job has been replaced by AI and I don’t think anyone is complaining about it. Supernormal take meeting notes. It can organise them in neat bullet points so you know exactly what was discussed and what the next steps are. The good thing is that all the notes are stored in one place so you and your team can check in whenever. The notes are also tailored for specific departments like customer success, sales, HR, and Product. 

Motion Al

Motion AI is a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to easily create and deploy chatbots without coding knowledge. With a drag-and-drop interface and natural language processing capabilities, users can create sophisticated chatbots for improved customer engagement and increased efficiency. They’ve been acquired by HubSpot, so now you’ll have to sign up through them, but I believe it’s still free to use.  

Roam Around

If you enjoy traveling but don’t fancy all the planning, well, you can let RoamAround do all the thinking for you. All you need is a destination, a start date, and the number of days you’ll be visiting. RoamAround will take your info and create a detailed itinerary for each day. It includes sights to see (with links) and dinner recommendations. I did some fact-checking and the recommendations were pretty good — not as good as a local but still good for a last-minute itinerary.  


Love collecting quotes? Quotify has got you covered! This practical and user-friendly Chrome extension makes it easy to save and organise your favourite quotes from the web. With collections, tags, search, and synchronisation across devices, Quotify is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep track of inspiring or memorable quotes they come across online.

Harvey Al

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. There’s not much to say about this tool since it’s yet to be released. But I wanted to add it so that you know it’s in the works and can keep an eye on it. This is all the information we currently have:  “Harvey builds custom LLMs for elite law firms to tackle the most complex legal challenges across every practice area, jurisdiction, and legal system in the world.” AI in the legal space makes a lot of sense. LLMs will be a real disruption in this space, and it couldn’t come sooner. 

Bearly AI 

When I first heard about Bearly, I didn’t think much of it because I thought it was another re-packaged tool being pushed by an influencer. And yes, in a way it is similar to other AI extensions and tools out there but it seems to produce better outputs while working as an all-in-one tool. You can use it to speed up writing, reading, and creating content. On top of you’ll be able to summarise webpages, extract Amazon reviews, and summarise YouTube videos. Of all the tools mentioned here, this is one of the more useful ones.  

Scispace Al

Your AI research assistant. Scispace helps you discover research papers on any topic. If you’re writing an essay or what to research a topic, this tool will provide relevant sources for you to read. Once you’ve found relevant papers the tool can help you read and understand confusing text or maths. You can also ask the tool questions about the paper to get more detailed and specific answers. 

Base64 Al

Base64 has a lot of use cases but where it’s really going to be effective is on the admin side of the business. This intelligent document processing AI can parse documents and extract and validate key information, from signatures to images to data. It has facial recognition and a bunch of other verification tools to speed up document processing. It would make sense if Base64 was pushing for some government contract that seems like an obvious partnership. But the tool could also be super helpful for online stores handling a lot of customer information. 

Engage Al

LinkedIn is a great place to meet and attract clients. But first, the lovely and totally authentic professional community must know you exist! That means commenting and engaging with people pushing their weird “thought leadership” — which is totally not ghostwritten by some third-party copywriter. Why not let a robot do it?! And not just because you couldn’t be bothered but because it can actually do a better job. Engage will save you hours writing comments and churn out longer, more insightful comments that are sure to inflate your online persona. 


This last tool is for the crypto bros. ContractReader will help you read and understand Ethereum smart contracts on the Mainnet. It features syntax highlighting, dark mode, larger files, mobile support, and the ability to write to the contract. It also has an audit tool and testnet support coming soon.

13 AI Tools You Have to Try

April 29, 2023
min read

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