September 18, 2023
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The Best X (Twitter) Accounts for Developers

Eli McGarvie

In July 2023, Twitter shed its blue skin, stamped out its blue bird, renamed tweets to posts (yes), and, as we all know, rebranded to X. 

Apologies, Mr Musk: For the duration of this discourse, the platform shall retain its conventional moniker: Twitter. It’s worth noting that Twitter is not merely a digital arena for airing opinions or engaging in debates with unfamiliar avatars. In more recent epochs, it has remarkably transformed into a nurturing domain where professionals across diverse domains generously share their expertise. This inherent value is probably why Mr Musk shelled out 44 billion dollars — enough to develop two rockets to the moon. Or didn’t he?

The community of programmers has not only not been left out of this dynamic but, given its particularly cooperative spirit characterised by “open source” ethics, has stood out intensely in this practice. Hundreds of developer profiles, ranging from indie programmer profiles to big founders of technology, such as Vitálik Buterin (@VitalikButerin), share valuable information about software engineering for any human being (or bot) who creates an account.

In this article, we have curated a selection of 10 top-level developers on Twitter so that you can acquire new software engineering skills, get inspiration from cool colleagues, and stay tuned with the ultimate tech news.

The Best X (Twitter) for Developers to Follow in 2023

1. Greg Brockman

Twitter Handle: @gdb

Greg Brockman is the President and Co-Founder of OpenAI. You can follow him to keep up with the latest news about ChatGPT through first-hand information. He also tweets about his thoughts on what working in software means, such as the following: “Writing software is writing out your mental model of how some process works in painstaking detail; running software is poking holes in that model anywhere it’s flawed.” Although his handle looks like a pound sterling banking acronym, making him leaps below the more quick handed Sam Altman (known as @sama), Brockman is the go-to person when trying to switch from being a low-lever programming scholar to a no-code pro.

2. Pieter Levels

Twitter Handle: @levelsio

Pieter Levels is the founder of Nomad List, which is a site dedicated to the rising trend of digital nomads. His Twitter profile is an active account that tweets about various topics such as the tech startup business and the advances in AI. Some of the recent tweets from his account include information about a new upscaler called Krokant 2.0 for Photo AI, which is now live and offers even sharper images and more skin details. Another tweet discusses how to avoid disputes before they happen by setting up a Stripe webhook for Early Fraud Warnings (EFW) from Visa and Mastercard, auto-refunding, and deleting the user–customer account.

3. Gavin Wood

Twitter Handle: @gavofyork

Gavin Wood is the founder of Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, Parity, and the Web3 Foundation. He is active on Twitter with the handle @gavofyork and has over 393K followers. He tweets about things related to Web 3.0, decentralisation, and blockchain technology. Some of his recent tweets include his thoughts on the need for decentralisation and the potential of Web 3.0. He was also awarded Twitter’s most-sought-for accolade: being suspected of going by the moniker of Satoshi Nakamoto.

4. Sergio Pereira

Twitter Handle: @SergioRocks

Sergio Pereira is an active Twitter user with the handle @SergioRocks. He tweets about various topics, including the use of AI tools like ChatGPT in software development. In one of his tweets, he mentioned that ChatGPT has changed software development, but 68.1% of Software Engineers still don’t use it. As a CTO, he encourages his teams to use ChatGPT in their daily work to increase both velocity and quality. He also shared a thread describing 10 use cases where ChatGPT can make the work of a Software Engineer easier and better.

5. Tim Beiko

Twitter Handle: @TimBeiko

Tim Beiko is a well-known figure in the Ethereum Foundation, with his work and Ethereum-related updates often being cited by the largest financial news outlets. He has been working on Ethereum full-time since 2018 and worked at Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys before switching over to the Ethereum Foundation in 2021. He is active on Twitter with the handle @TimBeiko, where he tweets about Ethereum protocol development, including updates on the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship, EIPs, and more.

6. Gergely Orosz

Twitter Handle: @GergelyOrosz

Gergely Orosz is a software engineer, author, and advisor. He writes a newsletter called The Pragmatic Engineer, which is the #1 technology newsletter on Substack. He has also published a few books and runs a talent collective and a job board for engineers and engineering managers. Previously, he worked at companies such as Uber, Microsoft, Skype, and Skyscanner. He tweets about software engineering, technology, and his work. Additionally, laid the foundation for our probe into Glassdoor’s peculiar demeanour.

7. Brendan Eich

Twitter Handle: @BrendanEich

Brendan Eich is an American computer programmer and technology executive. He is best known for creating the JavaScript programming language and co-founding the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation. He is also the CEO of Brave Software, a company that developed the Brave web browser. On his Twitter account, he tweets about many subjects regarding technology, his work at Brave Software and his thoughts on the tech industry. 

8. Jack Forge

Twitter Handle: @TheJackForge

Jack Forge is a developer, entrepreneur, and founder of FiveSurge. He tweets about AI, technology, and entrepreneurship. He publishes interesting threads about, for example, “how getting older in tech leads to increased anxiety and self-esteem issues,” funny memes, and sincere props to addictive video games.

9. Péter Szilágyi

Twitter Handle: @peter_szilagyi

Péter Szilágyi is a team leader at Ethereum. He is active on Twitter with the handle @peter_szilagyi, where he tweets about stuff related to Ethereum and blockchain technology. Some of his recent tweets include his thoughts on transaction pooling in Ethereum and a security issue with Travis CI.

10. Chris Staudinger

Twitter Handle: @ChrisStaud

Chris Staudinger is a software engineer. He tweets about topics related to software development, including Git branching strategies and CSS child selectors. He also shares resources and tips for programmers, such as a list of 10 free APIs that can take programming projects to the next level.

Who else should you follow?

If you think we are missing someone that provides awesome value on X, let us know and we can add them to the list!

The Best X (Twitter) Accounts for Developers

September 18, 2023
min read

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