c't <webdev>

October 28, 2022
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c't <webdev>
Jo Bager
Jo Bager

A conference especially for frontenders

Today we introduce you to c't <webdev>, a conference of the computer magazine c't, which is especially aimed at frontend developers. On two days, November 8 and 9, in Cologne, three tracks and almost 40 talks will cover topics like "Keyboard Accessibility meistern", "Einstieg in Svelte" and "Mutation Testing mit Stryker". As the titles reveal, the conference is aimed at a German-speaking audience. Some talks are in English, but most will be in German. You can find the entire program, which really packs a punch, on the homepage of c't <webdev>.

In the past two years, the organizers have had to hold slimmed-down online versions of the conference due to Corona. All the more they are happy to be able to hold the conference in presence again, as they did in 2019 and 2020. The venue will again be the Komed conference center, located in the heart of Cologne.

Speakers at past conferences included Martin Splitt of Google, who spoke about web performance. Rachel Andrew, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine and member of the CSS Working Group, tried to (re)ignite developers' love for CSS with her keynote "Learning to love CSS".

The Komed is not only an architectural eye-catcher, but has also proven itself in other ways. It is located just one train stop away from the cathedral in the middle of Cologne and is designed to be barrier-free. The central hub is the foyer, where participants meet between talks for a coffee (or on the evening of the first day at the get-together for a Kölsch) and exchange ideas about the presentations. Participants from previous years have also expressly praised the venue's midday catering.    


Join c't <webdev> in Cologne or stream track one of the conference from the comfort of your home. We have special discounted tickets for you: Use WAD20 to save 20 % on your ticket for Cologne and WADSTREAM for a discount on your streaming ticket. 

Get your tickets here: https://tickets.heise-events.de/ctwebdev22/ 

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