July 14, 2023
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Data Analyst Salary Germany

Eli McGarvie

The average salary for a data analyst in Germany is €53,200

The Average salary for a data analyst in Germany is estimated to be €53,200. That’s €4,400 per month or €2,800 per month after tax (36%).  

The average data analyst salary in Germany is higher than both Austria and the UK but is outpaced by Switzerland. It’s important to note that the majority of data analyst jobs in Germany are probably not paying €53,200 but probably skew closer to the €30 - €40k range. If you’d like to get an estimate based on your skills and experience, check out our salary calculator.

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Salary by Experience 

As developer experience increases, so does salary. Junior and entry-level salaries can vary greatly based on company and education. The base salary is around €40k, €20k less than a senior dev (5+ years of experience). Let's explore the salary ranges for juniors, mids, and seniors.

Taxes in Germany 🇩🇪

It’s important to understand how taxes in Germany affect your take home pay. Your Taxes in Germany are high, so it’s important to factor these additional expenses into your salary negotiations/job search. As a data analyst working in Germany, you’ll likely be paying between 30% - 40% in taxes. Let’s take an example so that you can see how your take home pay will be affected. 

If you are living in Germany and earning a gross annual salary of €53,200, or €4,300 per month, the total amount of taxes and contributions that will be deducted from your salary is €19,200. This means that your net income, or salary after tax, will be €34,000 per year, €2,800 per month, or €650 per week.

German tax brackets: 

Annual salary Tax rate
Less than €10,908 0%
€10,909 – €62,809 14% to 42%
€62,810 – €277,825 42%
> €277,826 45%

Public Holidays in Germany

Salary by type and technology 

Technology will factor into your job opportunities and therefore pay. For example, if you’re skilled in SQL, Python, and Tableau (or some other data management platform) you’ll most likely be a top candidate. You can run scripts, do a little coding and create reports. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner and have basic knowledge of SQL and Excel, your job opportunities will be limited towards highly sought after entry-level positions and therefore your pay will fall on the lower end of the range. 

Average salary by city 

Not all cities in Germany were created equal. There are some cities like Munich and Hamburg which have a higher quality of life and are therefore higher paying to account for the additional living costs. So while Munich might be the highest paying city in Germany, it’s still one of the more expense to live in. On the other hand, we have Berlin, which is has one of the lowest average salaries but is generally known for being a cheaper location.  It’s important to point out, though, that while Berlin has a lower salary on average, all the highest analyst salaries reported are from jobs in Berlin. 

Salary by Company in Germany

The majority of the company salaries reported below are from people working in Berlin. These are also the highest reported salaries for data analysts (that’s according to TechPays) — while that doesn’t make them the best companies in Germany, they are still the dream for many tech professionals. What companies are paying the highest? Contentful and Scout24 are paying the most for senior data analysts at around €82,000. On the lower end we have PayFit, Trivago, and Accenture paying salaries of around €50,000. Have a look at the full list below. 

Salary sample:

Company Salary
Scout24 €82,500
Contentful €82,000
Delivery Hero €63,000
N26 €57,229
Zalando €57,000
HelloFresh €53,000
Accenture €52,626
AutoScout24 €56,500
PayFit €51,000
Trivago €50,980

Data Analyst Salary Germany

July 14, 2023
min read

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