February 12, 2024
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Dev Digest 102 - Race conditions

Chris Heilmann

Last week’s Dev Digest issue 102 "Knock, knock. Race condition! Who's there?" covered embedded software in the world’s fastest car, changes in Google's search result page, open source and its future and how to get started publishing JavaScript packages. We also checked how good ChatGPT is when it comes to cheating in interviews and showed a way to watch movies on the command line.

Join Sead of WeAreDevelopers and David of Rimac in this special episode of Coffee with Developers, as they sit down in the world’s fastest car and talk about embedded software and the automotive industry. Check the trailer above and watch the whole episode on YouTube (40m).

News and articles

Google: Lots happening in the Google world. They removed cached pages, which is discussed in detail in the SEO world. I am torn about this. On the one hand it always felt creepy how Google indexed and kept everything, on the other the feature helped to access pages, when they were down. For archiving, we still have archive.or’s wayback machine, but this one doesn’t have the computation power and immediacy that Google cache had. Google also contributes $1 Million to Rust, because of Android security and yet an analysis of exploited Vulnerabilities shows that Rust isn't perfect either.

Security: A post about a botnet made up of smart toothbrushes turned out to be not true. Still, always remember that the ‘s’ in iOT stands for “security”. Another interesting security article comes from Chen Hui Jing who took a closer look at a phishing site to see how they work.

Open source: An interesting analysis of the value of open source software and worries about its sustainability crisis. The big jump in my career came when I stopped working on closed source things but shared with the world. It is important that we keep this alive, despite flashy, new, closed hardware.

Performance: Scott Jehl has a free course on Lightning-Fast Web Performance .

And last in the news, Windows will get sudo so you can tell it to make you a sandwich.

Code and Tools

Code challenge anyone? CODE100 is coming live to Amsterdam 29/02 and we want you to come and compete! To get started, here is an Amsterdam XXX puzzle to show us what you can do! We will publish A detailed solution explanation later in next week. The CODE100 XXX challenge.

Quick tool tip: Retriever lets you request secrets without any of the data going to a server.

JavaScript: The Modern JavaScript library starter explains how to publish a TypeScript package to NPM with testing and GitHub Actions. I don’t like the term “modern” as it soon “probably not like this”, but there is some great info in this one. The JavaScript Event Loop is still baffling folk, so there is also a great article on it.

Creative Coding: Bouncy Ball is a comparison of 22 ways to animate a bouncing ball with code.

A movie in 8KB? Generative AI is the big thing and many a video and image creator is worried about its impact on their work. On a more geeky and “wow” note, take a look at the following video called The sheep and flower

And now learn that it was fully generated with 8KB of code - music and all. Just one of the marvels coming constantly from the demo scene.

Work world

Can you guess the fastest growing software sectors and countries?  Meanwhile, Google spent billions of dollars to lay people off. Furthermore: Is ChatGPT good to cheat in technical interviews? Questions Interviewers are not allowed to ask and Jean Hsu has some thoughts on interviewing.

Procrastination corner

In case you want to kill some time, Koen van Gilst's Pong Wars are mesmerising and ASCII Theater shows daily movies in the terminal. And not only The Terminal.

That’s all! 

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Dev Digest 102 - Race conditions

February 12, 2024
min read

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