March 3, 2024
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Dev Digest 105 - Security First

Last Friday's Dev Digest was mostly about security and game topics, so let's take a look what you didn't get in your inbox. We also covered some brand new online courses to get started as a developer or refresh your knowledge. And we wrapped up CODE100 Amsterdam and wonder if you could have been a winner.

News and Articles

In security news, there are some annouccements: 

In accessibility land:

And in terms of web platform news:

Code and Tools

CODE100 puzzle: Stars in their Eyes

On 29/02 CODE100 came to Amsterdam and this was the final challenge. Could you have done it?

Check the README and the dataset.

Videos and talks


We met with Jonathan Fielding to talk about Neurodiversity in the tech industry. Check out the video and his resources on the topic.

Work and Jobs

Procrastination Corner / Wonderful Weird Web

Until next week! Soon we will also release a more in-detail post about the CODE100 event with all the questions, answers and code challenges.

Dev Digest 105 - Security First

March 3, 2024
min read

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