April 1, 2024
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Dev Digest 109 -Egg-citing things…

Chris Heilmann

As we are heading into the Easter break, here are some things to spend some time on. There's resources on improving the performance of your code and you hear from the winners of CODE100 Amsterdam what it was like to be on stage. Also, hang tight as the next edition of CODE100 is coming real soon and it's not on Easter island, but on an island nonetheless. And we have a new challenge!

News and Articles

A lot of interesting things happened lately.

Platform news:

Talking about JavaScript runtimes:

What is your favourite? Guess what, there's a new one on the horizon as Isaac Z. Schlueter, Darcy Clarke and Ruy Adorno band together to fix the massive bug at the heart of the npm ecosystem we reported here.You may remember Ryan Dahl doing a similar thing with Deno. But what does that mean for us as developers? We probably will have to worry about inter-runtime compatibility as much as we needed to when there were lots of different browsers. Good news is that Matt Kane put together a gorgeous Runtime compatibility dashboard we can use much like caniuse.

And in security news:

Germany warns about 17K vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers, and  many free VPN apps are Trojans.

Code and Tools

CODE100 puzzle: #BuntStattBraun


This time we have a puzzle for you to filter out all brown hearts from a pile. You can check the README here or try your luck directly in this Codepen or Gist.

Packing your Easter basket with lots of goodies this time. Let's start with some code performance bits. Rom Grk wrote a long instruction on optimising Javascript for fun and for profit, Cassie Gatton explains how to optimise JavaScript Bundle Sizes and Jampack is a tool that improves static websites to get great Core Web Vitals scores.

Furthermore, some SQL tools: SQL Formatter pretty-prints SQL queries and SQL workbench isn an interactive playground without wiping Little Bobby Tables

Spotlight on /Regular Expres\sions/:  

Regexper is a tool to visually display regular expressions to understand them better. In Python, the character “$” doesn’t mean “end-of-string” and here is the interesting story why regexes use $ and ^ as line anchors.

Last but not least, learn about Machine Learning Use Cases in Web Development.

Videos and talks

Patrick van Rietschoten & Martijn Imhoff

Patrick van Rietschoten and Martijn Imhoff are the winners of CODE100 Amsterdam! In this chat they relive the finale, discuss solution strategies, and talk about handling the pressure. With another CODE100 coming soon, this should help.

Here are some more videos from our archives:

Access the full WeAreDevelopers talk archive

Work and Jobs

The big news in the work world is that Glassdoor, a site to "anonymously" report salaries and job info now demands real names of users, and, worse, added real names without consent. Makes you wonder if Blind will do the same soon.

Baldur Bjarnason collected a huge and insightful post about the web developer job market and Ben Rogojan wrote about building a career you enjoy as an engineer.

Procrastination Corner / Wonderful Weird Web

Dev Digest 109 -Egg-citing things…

April 1, 2024
min read

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