May 22, 2024
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Fully Remote Software Engineer Jobs

Luis Minvielle

Most developers are now working remotely. The 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey observed that 83.59% of participants reported working remotely either fully (41.41%) or in a hybrid model (42.18%). Even if many companies are trying to force workers back to the office, this stat suggests that plenty of employers agree that a good deal of software engineer jobs can be done remotely. In 2024, certain companies we’ll be listing are smart enough to allow developers to ditch the daily commute and work from the comfort of their homes, co-working spaces, or even a beachside café.

We’ll focus on software engineer remote jobs and some attractive companies offering these opportunities, particularly in Europe. We'll look into their areas of expertise, team size, funding, and available developer jobs.

The rise of remote software engineer jobs 

The pandemic might've been a rough ride for most, but it led to one good thing for software engineers: it proved to companies and employees that teams can perform well while on remote work. It also led to a surge in remote job postings—in the UK, from 2019 to 2023, the share of postings offering remote jobs jumped by 700%.

In 2019, a Stack Overflow survey showed that only 12% of techies were working remotely, and 43% had never even worked away from the office. But by mid-2020, when LinkedIn shared a list of the most popular remote job applications, numerous positions off the list were techie jobs.

Source: LinkedIn

In that same survey from 2019, only one out of twenty respondents claimed that remote work was “complicated.” If it was already a low percentage, it might have gone down even more by now. With more than 80% of software engineers now working remotely, it’s safe to assume that devs feel at ease dealing with them. A software engineer can work from home and work on most of their usual tasks—debugging an app, analysing data, managing a cloud, or shipping products. They know it, and the employer knows it, and the demand shows it. 

Remote working did impact the application market, though. Since companies realised they could poach top talent from outside Silicon Valley, they’re offering remote jobs for lesser pay. This is one of the main reasons for the unexpected fluctuations in software engineer salaries.

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Software engineer jobs that are in-person positions

But still, there are exceptions to the “you can do it from anywhere” postulate. Some software engineer jobs can’t be done remotely and, by industry standards, still require workers to show up at the office. Security and data-sensitive fields like finance and defence often have stricter rules and regulations. This might mean you need to be physically in a secure building to access sensitive information or work with compliance officers. It’s arguable that, from a technical standpoint, most of these jobs could be done remotely, but clearly employers don’t want it that way.

For example, a quick survey of LinkedIn jobs for “Cybersecurity Specialist” in the North American market demonstrates that most jobs for that role require on-site presence (and are very explicit about it). Also, some jobs involving secret trading systems or ultra-secure financial data might require you to be on-site for security reasons. Some roles published on LinkedIn even require TS/SCI clearance, a high-level security pass that allows access to potentially sensitive information.

Source: LinkedIn

Another reason some software engineer jobs can't be done remotely is because of the hardware involved. Some roles require you to work with specialised equipment, like trading terminals or robots. Fixing problems, setting these systems up, and testing them often means you need to be physically close to them. The same goes for software engineers who design control systems for hardware-heavy applications in fields like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. These roles need you to be close to the hardware to test it, fix bugs, and make sure everything works together properly.

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Companies offering software engineer remote jobs

Here’s a list of companies, mostly based in the EU, offering software engineer remote job openings: 

💡Note: the last four companies on this list are platforms that hire developers to do contract work

1. Camunda

Camunda is a leading company in workflow automation, offering an open-source platform called Camunda BPM. This software helps businesses manage processes, like creating an audit trail. Think of it as a central hub for coordinating all the company's tedious tasks.

Camunda adopts a remote-first work culture. With a sizeable engineering team of 92 and 400 employees, it has offices in different locations and offers remote work opportunities for employees both within the EU and globally.

Camunda is a well-established company ranked in GP Bullhound’s 2024 Top 100 Next Unicorn list. They serve over 400 businesses already using their platform. The company hit $32.2 million in revenue for 2023 and has secured significant funding to support its continued growth. In 2021, they closed a $100 million Series B funding round led by Insight Partners. In terms of job opportunities, while they have more senior roles for software engineers, architects, and consultants, they also offer managerial roles and entry-level positions and internships, so it’s a good company to check if you’re an entry-level programmer.

2. Platomics

Platomics, based in Vienna, works with the in-vitro diagnostics industry to circumvent regulations. Their secure, cloud-based platform, PlatoX, automates compliance with the EU's IVDR for labs and manufacturers.

It has a team of nearly 100 employees working remotely across Europe. The company is a growing force in the IVD space with a total funding of €15.4 million. Their website links to remote current job openings that mostly apply to experienced professionals, including a position as a senior full stack engineer.

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3. Perspective

Perspective is a 100% remote software startup that offers a mobile-first platform designed to simplify creating marketing funnels. No coding or design skills are needed. With an estimated revenue of €4.2 million as of 2024, more than 5,000 businesses use Perspective daily. The company is backed by an international team of around 30 members who work fully remotely. Current engineering roles are geared toward senior professionals.

4. Uberall

Uberall helps businesses convert search queries into local sales. Their platform manages location data, online listings, messaging, social media, and ad campaigns, making it easier for businesses (especially those with multiple locations) to connect with customers who’re actually searching for them (or for what they sell).

It is a remarkably global company with over 400 remote employees––alias Uberallers––from 50 different nationalities. With a strong financial backing of €140 million in total funding, they're actively looking to expand their engineering team. This means opportunities are out there for developers of all experience levels, from entry-level to senior roles like Database Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Team Lead, and QA Engineer. Even if there aren't open positions in your location, Uberall encourages developers interested in working with them to submit speculative applications. Now, companies that offer this “I’m interested” form don’t usually reach back out, so the best strategy, considering how open to global applicants they are, is to regularly check their Careers page.

5. Deel

Based in San Francisco, Deel became known as an international payroll solution, but they’re a bit more than that. Their platform handles hiring, onboarding, payroll, and compliance, all in one solution. Since many employers started hiring software engineers from abroad by leveraging Deel, it’s likely you got an acquaintance who’s cashing in their pay cheque through it.

The company has a global team of over 3,000 employees from 107 countries. In just five years, it has hit $500 million in annual recurring revenue and raised more than $600 million in funding. They offer remote positions almost anywhere in the world for developers of all experience levels, from junior roles to senior positions. Deel is a leading solution in global workforce management and has clients like Shopify, Nike, and Cloudflare, so they probably have a good cash runway.

6. Wolt

Wolt is a food delivery app founded in 2015 in Finland and which has since expanded to the Nordic countries and Germany. It was acquired in 2021 by DoorDash for an industry-record-breaking €7 billion deal. For a company that earns its revenue from sending groceries and dispatching meals from restaurants, they certainly consider themselves a tech company: They have a special blog for engineering workers, and they sort up their software teams by the “customer problems” they solve. They have around 8000 workers already—although it’s unclear if part of this workforce includes the couriers—split around Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, or Athens.

Even though they advertise most engineer positions in Helsinki or Copenhagen, they offer senior remote roles in frontend engineering or Kotlin. The roles seem to be critical to the business.

7. Remote

Remote is a fully remote company that simplifies hiring top talent worldwide. Their platform handles everything from global payroll to compliance, allowing companies to build international teams seamlessly. Founded in 2019, they've grown to over 5,000 employees with a 546-person engineering team. They have current job openings for fully remote software engineer jobs, though most of them require experience. Just four years after being founded, Remote has achieved a strong revenue run rate of $600 million and a recent $300 million Series C funding round.

8. Proxify

Proxify is a global recruitment platform focused on connecting remote developers with growing companies worldwide. With a €45 million annual revenue, they've been building a network of vetted tech experts since 2018. Their success has even earned them the title of “Remote company of the year” by Deel. (As per Proxify’s website, they’re business partners with Deel, so we can’t determine how well-deserved or unbiased this award was).

Proxify operates with a fully remote team of over 145 people spread across 34 countries. While they may not have open engineering roles at the moment, they encourage skilled developers to submit their resumes. Also, they’re a platform to connect with employers, so you can always upload a profile and see how they match you with their clients.

9. X-Team

Founded in 2004 and established in Victoria, Australia, X-Team operates differently from traditional job boards. They curate a global network of nearly 3,000 skilled engineers with expertise across 75 countries. This network allows X-Team to partner with tech companies and assemble dedicated development teams for specific project needs. The company has reached $20.5 million in revenue. Current openings for fully remote software engineer jobs mostly require experienced developers with strong technical skills. Note that their openings are to work with their client brands, not with the platform itself.


Launched in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2015, isn't the typical tech recruitment platform. They describe themselves as the exclusive community for “startup sidekicks”—a network of skilled engineers ready to support early-stage startups, connecting them with vetted developers worldwide. With a team size of around 100 employees and a strong revenue stream of $8.6 million in 2022, is well-positioned to continue helping startup founders hire faster and easier. Though they aren't currently advertising open positions, their emphasis on building a strong community—and a history of helping Ukrainian devs land high-paying jobs—makes this platform a very good resource if you’re looking for a remote job.

Ready to land a remote job as a software engineer?

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Fully Remote Software Engineer Jobs

May 22, 2024
min read

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