January 12, 2024
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Where to Find German Tech Jobs

Eli McGarvie

Germany has the second-largest tech scene in Europe and is home to some of the largest Crypto, ecommerce, fashion, food delivery, and fintech companies in the world. With plenty of job opportunities and a culture that supports work-life balance, Germany is the dream destination for many working in tech, and should rank high on your list of potential countries to move to in 2024. 

Before you start planning your life in Germany, you first need to land a job. Once you’ve locked a job down, the rest (visa & relocation) is straightforward. Finding a tech job in Germany is a lot like finding a job anywhere, you need to find where the locals go. In this article, we are going to share a list of job sites with potential German tech jobs — these are some of the biggest names in Germany and sites that many jobseekers in the country use to land new jobs every day.  

Where to start your search?

We’ve organised the job boards according to type to match your job preferences. Startup platforms for exciting growth opportunities, generalist boards for larger firms/corporates, and specialised job platforms for those who prefer companies to come to them. 

Don’t just stick to one platform, it’s best to get your CV across a few of these. The first step we recommend is that you create a profile on a specialised tech recruiting platform (like WeAreDevelopers). Here, your profile will be shared with numerous local companies who are actively looking for candidates. With companies reaching out to you, you’ll save countless hours and avoid the hassle of writing cover letters and applying to companies you’ll never hear back from. From there, you can start your search using some of the sites mentioned below! 

Best Job Sites For Developers →

🚀 Startup job platforms

Working for a startup can be a lot of fun if you enjoy working in small-high performing teams and grinding after 5 pm. You might not receive the best pay, but you’ll enjoy experiences to last a lifetime. In Germany, most startup jobs are found in Berlin, followed by Munich and then Hamburg. Your chance of finding an entry-level job is quite high. If you are searching for startup jobs in a smaller city, try a local search or use a generalist job board.  

  • Berlin Startup Jobs - a popular platform for startup jobs in Berlin. The majority of jobs advertised are in English but make sure you double-check the job description as “native-German” is frequently attached at the end.

  • Startup Jobs - this is an international job board for startups. The layout of this job board is fantastic to quickly scan what’s on offer. You’ll find job ads from more established companies like HelloFresh, Kayak, and GetYourGuide here.

  • Founderio - niche job board for top level roles in new startups (Co-founder, CEO, COO, CMO, and other leads). Most ads are in German, but in places like Berlin you’ll find ads targeting English-speakers. Lots of opportunities for technical leads.  

💡 Another great way to land a job in a startup is through someone who currently works there. Startups love to hire referrals, and in most cases, they encourage it through bonuses. So if you have a friend who works in the scene, get in touch!

🤓 Specialised job platforms 

Specialised job platforms are exclusive job platforms for IT professionals like Software engineers, data specialists, product managers, etc,. When you sign up to a specialised platform, companies who are partnered with the platform can reach out to you with job offers. Companies on these platforms are actively recruiting and sometimes exclusively hiring through these sites. It’s great for jobseekers since they can avoid the hassle of applying for job after job (no cover letters). Best for mid-level to senior tech professionals.

  • WeAreDevelopers - is widely regarded as the biggest tech-focussed job board in Germany (and Europe). This is a great place to start your job search. Create a profile in a few minutes and have your CV shared and recommended to companies actively searching for people with your expertise. You can also express interest in any of the jobs posted on the platform and check your compatibility (based on skills and experience). The best part is that there’s no cover letters, no application forms, and the company approaches you with an offer — not the other way around!

Browse tech jobs in Germany →

  • Honeypot - is another tech-focussed platform based in Berlin and part of the NewWork collective. Honeypot is quite well-connected with some of the startups and companies also in Berlin. The onboarding process is a little more complex than some of the other sites. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops before you can go live on the platform. And you won’t be able to see what companies are hiring until you’ve created a profile. Best for senior developers. 

  • WeAreXena - is a recruitment agency for women in engineering. If you are a female engineer, this is a great place to start your job search. WeAreXena partners with a lot of the popular startups and helps to satisfy their diversity initiatives. There is no platform, rather a Slack community. The agency focuses on mid-senior candidates with engineering, product and leadership experience.  

  • Relocate.me - is a niche job board for techies looking to relocate. Not all companies are looking to hire from abroad and relocate, so on this platform you can find those jobs that do support relocation. Great for non-EU residents. 

💡 Generalist job boards 

These are the job boards everyone is familiar with — unsurprisingly, they are also used in Germany by international and local companies.  

  • LinkedIn - social media platform and job board. You can set up alerts and get recommendations based on location preferences.

  • Xing - the German LinkedIn. If you’re German-speaking, this is an alternative social and job platform for professionals. Expats and English-speaking internationals in Germany don’t use Xing.

  • Indeed - job board for all types of work. Plenty of opportunities for unskilled workers.

  • Wellfound - (formerly AngeList) for startup jobs. They don’t have much of a presence in Germany, so there are limited job postings — most of them are not up-to-date.

  • Glassdoor - Glassdoor also has a job board. You will find additional insights into each company thanks to the employee reviews. There are many unskilled jobs advertised here. 

The Best Job Search Websites of 2024 →

🇩🇪 Local job boards

The local job boards are German-based sites that only operate within Germany. These sites cater to both German and English-speaking jobseekers — make sure you filter by language and read the fine print (many roles require native German). 

  • English jobs in Germany - this site has been created for the English-speaking community in Germany.  You’ll find jobs here that do not require you to be bilingual. The site filters by city and state, and job ads are ordered by date (newest first). 

  • Arbeitnow - this is quite a popular local job board in Germany, and it has English-speaking filters. You will find that there are plenty of job opportunities for product development roles.

  • Stepstone.de - is one of the older job platforms in Germany, similar to sites like Indeed and Monster. Being one of the biggest job platforms in Germany, there are plenty of opportunities to be found. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not tech focused, and most international startups don’t tend to advertise there.

  • GermanTechJobs - a niche list of tech jobs in Germany. There are a lot of local companies advertising jobs here — but you won’t find jobs from popular tech startups listed here. One great thing about this site is that salary ranges are shown for each tech job. 
  • Moberries - this is a niche job board that offers a streamlined application process. You receive tailored job matches based on your profile and if you match with a company, it’s straight to the interviewing stage. 

🦄 Biggest startups 

We thought it would be a good idea to add a list of the popular tech companies based in Germany so that you can learn more about the major players and possibly narrow down your preferences. These are all well funded companies that (generally) offer the highest pay and best career progression. Most people in the German tech scene are trying to land a job at any one of these companies. We’ve added the career pages so you can see what tech jobs are on offer at each of these firms.  

Where to Find German Tech Jobs

January 12, 2024
min read

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