December 21, 2020
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I have a stream! Why it’s definitely worth speaking at tech conferences.

Gerry Schneider

Giving talks at certain events is a longed-for goal for many developers. For a good reason: it is the perfect opportunity to share your expertise and passion for a specific topic, help others learn from your mistakes, drive awareness of your solution, build up a personal brand, increase company brand exposure, and meet people with similar interests. 

Have you ever looked at a conference speaker lineup and thought to yourself, "Well, actually, I also could do that!"? If the answer is yes, why not apply to speak at a conference and tell your story, and spread your valuable experiences for other people? 

There are various reasons and benefits for your career when you start speaking at conferences. Of course, it also might be hard work – especially if you have to prepare your first speech and presentation. But at the end of the day, it can boost your career as you have always wished for. 

As I said, there are appreciable advantages of attending and speaking at conferences. So, here we go.

Share your message on stage – no matter if it’s physically or virtual

Just imagine it this way: every event is a platform to share things. No matter if it is about something you have learned or you believe in. It is your opportunity to share your expertise, perspective, and passion on a specific topic. And the best case is if you can help others learn from your experience.

Keep in mind that speaking at events also gives you credibility on your subject matter and helps position you as an expert in your specific industry. 

Increase your awareness and visibility – maybe even become famous

It is your chance to get your brand message out in a subtle yet convincing way. In return, it strengthens your business if more and more people understand what they are working on or what they are doing and how it can help them.

You can easily target conference participants who are most likely to use the products or services you are offering and increase brand awareness.

Promote your product or service, your company, or yourself

As we discussed above, speaking at a conference presents you with the opportunity to build and increase brand awareness and get your message across to prospective clients and customers. But, you will also get the chance to distribute business cards (or connect via social media), samples, or small giveaways that will help you find new business.

Another benefit for you is that the event organizers will advertise your session. And by doing so, they will promote you and therefore indirectly your company as well. Usually, your information will be featured on websites, social media, etc. If you use this opportunity and also share the news on your own social media channels, it will improve your clout with potential customers.

Networking: meet your target audience and expand your community

Being part of conferences is a great way to get in touch with your target audience and utilize the opportunity to communicate effectively with them. People will get to know you, and it’s easy for them to find you after your talk to ask you questions - at least at physical events. It’s a pretty easy way to build your professional network and expand your community network. So take your time before, during, or after the event for networking purposes whenever possible.

Face your fear and improve your presentation skills

Anytime giving a talk at a conference or event, you will learn from this experience. But holding talks also forces you to break out of your comfort zone. Although there are those among us who are smooth talkers, it can be pretty much challenging for the rest of us. Unfortunately, as presentation skills do not come naturally, you will have to practice many times before you conquer your fear of public speaking completely. But as time passes, you will become more and more confident and polish your presentation skills. After all, practice makes perfect, right? It’s a challenge that you need to take on!

Diversity & Inclusion

We here at WeAreDevelopers empower underrepresented groups by giving them the stage to share their knowledge and experiences. Our international events should bring together the perspectives of people with different backgrounds. 

We believe that Diversity & Inclusion is expressed by establishing a welcoming environment for everyone and creating various formats that encourage people from underrepresented groups to participate. 

WeAreDevelopers Live 2021 – Call for speakers

You have the topic. We have the audience! We are looking for curious minds sharing their expertise and knowledge in software development. Take the chance to apply as a speaker or encourage other people to apply and position yourself in front of our incredible dev community.

So, I hope that I have convinced you of all the benefits of speaking at conferences and may invite you to give it a try – the stage is yours! :-)

I have a stream! Why it’s definitely worth speaking at tech conferences.

December 21, 2020
min read

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