It's hot, it's new, it's our first print magazine

November 20, 2020
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It's hot, it's new, it's our first print magazine
Thomas Limbüchler
Thomas Limbüchler

At a time when virtually nothing runs without code and therefore without people who write that code it is mandatory that society creates the necessary parameters for software developers in order to master the diverse challenges of an increasingly networked and digitized world (get your free copy, available in German).  Starting with schools, during academic education, through funding programs, but also in companies where young talents finally turn up. We have the duty to create an attractive learning environment for good or even better software development. Heise Medien – known from brands such as c’t, iX, heise online, and a few more – is one of them dedicated to promoting young talents in software development, and in IT as a whole.

The first edition of the "We Are Developers!" print magazine

This is where this magazine “We Are Developers!” comes into play, which was created in collaboration with Heise Medien and WeAreDevelopers. We were looking for young, up-and-coming developers to share their ideas – with the aim to provide them a platform and their peers a fascinating insight into the world of software development, from different perspectives such as career, experience, and exciting technologies. 

But, take a look for yourself and download your free copy (for now it is only available in German).

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