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Learning Kubernetes made easy with KubeCampus

Learning to use Kubernetes? KubeCampus by Kasten offers free educational content for all skill levels to get you started!

Kubernetes is an open-source system for deploying, scaling and managing containerized applications. It allows you to deploy your applications quickly and predictably, scale them on the fly, roll out new features seamlessly, and limit hardware usage to required resources only.  Historically, Kubernetes training has been a key skill gap in the industry. was launched 2 years ago to address this shortage and fill this industry need.

Whether you’re looking to take your skills to the next level or if you’re just getting started, KubeCampus by Kasten offers you free, on-demand Kubernetes training. Here’s a handful of courses you shouldn’t miss if you’re just starting out. 

Courses 1 and 2 - How to build your first Kubernetes cluster and application

This 60-minute intro course you’ll get an understanding of how the Kubernetes system works and the abstractions Kubernetes uses to represent your cluster while this one is all about how to build a Kubernetes application. They are both great if you’re a beginner or if you’re looking for a quick refresher.

Course 3 - How to backup your Kubernetes application

Safety first! This course will teach you how to use Kasten K10, an easy-to-use, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery and mobility of Kubernetes applications. The hands-on section will lead you through the back-up procedure step-by-step as well as an example failure and recovery scenario.

Course 6 - Introduction to Helm

This one’s all about Helm, a tool to help you define, install, and upgrade applications running on Kubernetes and will teach you how to use the Helm CLI, installing applications, upgrading releases and searching repositories. The first section focuses on Kubernetes Helm theory while the second section features a hands-on keyboard command line experience.

Course 9 - Custom Resource Definitions

A custom resource is an extension of the Kubernetes API (Application Programming Interface) that customizes a particular Kubernetes installation. This course covers the basics on custom resources and custom resource based API’s: Basic terminology, how to utilize them as well as their advantages and disadvantages, while teaching you how to implement custom resources in its hands-on section.

Course 11 - Introduction to Kubernetes troubleshooting

More nodes, more problems. This course focuses on familiarizing yourself with critical troubleshooting tools, log handling and debugging techniques pertinent to Kubernetes, covering both theory and practical examples. If you’re looking to learn more about different troubleshooting techniques and how to implement them, this is a great course to take. 

As Kubernetes has emerged as the fastest growing infrastructure platform, understanding how to use Kubernetes has become crucial.. KubeCampus allows you to learn on your own terms and on-demand. And while these are just the basics, KubeCampus offers courses for intermediate or experienced users as well. You can check out all of their courses, and many other resources like blogs and ebooks  here.

Learning Kubernetes made easy with KubeCampus

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