That was WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022

June 15, 2022
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That was WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022
Anto Pranjić
Anto Pranjić

Thank you, danke, hvala, merci, gracias, Дякую – we don’t know yet exactly how many languages were spoken here at the City Cube Berlin over the last two days, but thank you 10 000 times to everybody who joined us here for WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022! We knew this was going to be awesome, but honestly, we are totally blown away.

Seeing over 10 000 bright dev minds brought together in person again finally after too long of a wait was simply astounding. We met so many of you from all over the world, the feedback has been great, and it’s simply rewarding to see all of you having so much fun and enjoying your time together with us. 

Some of our personal highlights over the last two days were definitely the opening talk on how we build the software of tomorrow by the GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke, Håkon Wium Lie’s talk on recreating Tufte's designs in CSS was simply brilliant, seeing our good friend John Romero again was heart-warming, Bjarne Stroustrup's talk on the history of C++, and of course, Joel Spolsky's talk was a fun listen!

Besides all those informative talks and presentations, we really got our hands dirty over the past two days too! Well, maybe not literally dirty but the workshops were hardworking and rewarding at the same time. We hope you managed to join your planned workshops and we definitely hope you learned something new too! 

The expo and the outdoor area have been overloaded with friendly people. This year we did something we've never done before and that is an airstream stage. Enjoying the sunny weather, and having food and drinks while listening to talks about in-depth coding is almost a dream-like experience.

Lastly, we can't ignore the massive party we had. Welcoming world-class DJs in the heart of Berlin exclusively for our awesome dev community was an otherworldly episode in our lives. Meeting and partying with our awesome community from all over the world is something that drives us in our daily work. We were waiting for this since 2019 and today it all paid off.

We are aware that it was impossible to attend every talk so we made sure to record them all. Don't worry if you have missed some of your planned talks, they will be available for watching on-demand after we process and edit them all.

Thank you once again for making this year's World Congress experience a special one. Now stay safe and have a great summer and see you very soon again. ❤️

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