June 19, 2023
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Top Tech YouTube Channels for Developers in 2023

Luis Minvielle

YouTube is, arguably, the Internet’s most riveting rabbit hole, the most extensive Japanese jazz coffer out there, and, if Mr Beast stumbles upon you, the fastest, easiest and most entertaining way to earn a living. It’s also a marvellous way to learn and discover content about the programming world. With so many tech YouTubers out there, finding the ones that provide the best content can be as frustrating as that uncalled-for credit card ad that shows up during a lo-fi-beats-fuelled studying session.  

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent tech YouTubers, focusing on those targeting software development content. Here are the ones you need to pay attention to. 

1. Fireship

  • 2.19M Subscribers
  • 559 videos

Fireship is a channel that is defined by efficiency. Videos cover high-intensity code tutorials and tech news that will be inspiring and encouraging, as what you learn will be helpful daily. You’ll surely see a change in your coding efficiency by the end of some videos. Remember, basic knowledge is needed before watching this channel as wasting time is not an option, so the apparent basic stuff is not covered. The host puts out great content on React and typescript at a level much more aligned with what people want to know in their day jobs using React. 

New videos are being published every week. Check out God-Tier Development Roadmap and the 100 seconds series, which is a great listen if you intend to make your JavaScript game burn bright like a conquistador’s ship, this channel will show you the best way to run a web app. 

2. Traversy Media

  • 2.08M subscribers
  • 949 videos

Traversy Media, hosted by Brad Traversy, offers a wide range of tutorials and courses on all the latest web development technologies, from the building blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to frontend frameworks like React and Vue to backend technologies like Node.js, and Python and PHP. 

These videos are heavy, but extremely helpful for people who are already confident web developers. If you’re looking to learn something new that’s up to your level or trying to become reacquainted with a tool you have left a bit behind, this is the tech YouTuber for you. 

Don't be frightened off if the videos seem long-winded. If one could learn JS in just 10 minutes, web development wouldn’t be such a valuable skill, right? Don't miss out on the React JS Crash Course (2019). It still stands.

3. freeCodeCamp.org

  • 7.85M subscribers
  • 1.4K videos

Although not solely a YouTube channel, freeCodeCamp offers a wealth of programming tutorials and courses across various platforms, including YouTube (for free). It is one of the best gifts given to developers, ever. They provide high-quality training videos for beginners to experts across the entire technology globe. This channel is not just for Web Developers as they also supply video tutorials for Mobile Development, Software Development, Data Science, Testers, QA, and more.

With some thoughtfully extended courses, these top tech YouTubers will really deep-dive you into understanding something. In addition to tutorials made by their developers, they occasionally share ones made by other developers if they think the content is worthwhile.

But what's the best thing about this channel, which makes it an absolute tech blessing? No ads. You’ll feel like you’re paying for a subscription all over again.

4. The Coding Train

  • 1.59M subscribers
  • 1.2K videos 

Run by Daniel Shiffman, The Coding Train focuses on creative coding, algorithms, and various programming projects. The channel uses p5.js, a JavaScript library, and covers topics such as machine learning, game development, and interactive visualisations. 

The hosts intend to make their lessons creative and interdisciplinary, making them one of the most extraordinary channels to learn to code. Tutorials and weekly coding challenges make Daniel’s lessons effective and fun. Check out p5.js basics and The Nature of Code, based on the host’s interactive book. Reading is also a great tool for learning; browse through this developer reading list for other great examples. 

5. Corey Schafer

  • 1.4M subscribers
  • 232 videos

Corey Schafer's channel covers topics like Python, Git, Development Environments, Terminal Commands, SQL, Programming Terms, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals, and plenty of other tips that will surely be of some help. He provides in-depth tutorials and walkthroughs for software developers, programmers, and engineers of all different skill levels, so you’ll surely find something useful here!

You should consider his Python tutorial, it's the only one you will ever need to watch. Here’s a playlist with all his Python tutorials, and make sure to cash back a refund on that!

6. Web Dev Simplified

  • 1.32M subscribers
  • 603 videos 

Web Dev Simplified’s channel is precisely what the name states, web development but simplified. It’s all about teaching efficiently and practically. This is great for people that are starting web development and want to learn the newest and most popular technologies. This top tech YouTuber also dives into advanced topics, using the latest best practices. Kevin, the host, does a wonderful job of breaking things down. Here you’ll be able to find short videos that cover a great range of topics. 

Go check out the Full Stack Web Development Course, it's a great one. 

7. Al Sweigart

  • 110K Subscribers
  • 126 Videos 

If you're a developer or a newbie interested in learning to code, check out Al Sweigart's channel on YouTube. His tutorials are clear, concise, and aesthetically appealing, making it enjoyable to get the Python picture.

Developers may benefit from his tutorials since Python is a widely used language in many fields of programming. Learn Python with the guidance of Al Sweigart and automate mundane jobs, create web apps, and more.

By the way… did you ever consider using Python to automate various tasks on a YouTube channel? For example, you could write Python scripts to generate video ideas, automate video creation, automatically upload videos to your channel, and analyse YouTube analytics. You could also use Python to analyse your YouTube analytics data and gain insights into your audience, video performance, and engagement. Python libraries such as pandas and matplotlib can be used to visualise and explore your data, while machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques can be used to extract insights from user comments and interactions.

Check out Automate Boring Stuff with Python

8. ArjanCodes

  • 161K subscribers
  • 254 videos

ArjanCodes, hosted by Arjan Egges, focuses on software design and code architecture. An engaging piece of content is produced through great post-production, which alternates theoretical explanations with practical examples. Be aware that you must be confident with Python’s fundamentals to watch this tech YouTuber. 

Here are some great videos of his: Dependency inversion: write BETTER PYTHON CODE and CODE ROAST: Yahtzee - New Python code refactoring series.

9. Tech With Tim

  • 1.24M subscribers
  • 891 videos

Tech With Tim, hosted by Tim Ruscica, is a great channel to learn anything tech, from programming to software engineering and machine learning. Tim specialises in Python and JavaScript and has many resources for beginners to intermediate learners. Project examples, conceptual explanations and tool usage are some of the many contents this tiptop tech YouTuber provides. 

The Django Tutorials are excellent for web developers.


10. Nick Chapsas

  • 197K subscribers
  • 394 videos 

Working asynchronously can be mildly difficult, we’ll give you that, but developers know that asynchronous programming is well beyond difficult and more like, well, brutal; even experienced developers may not be thoroughly familiar with all of its concepts and best practices. A YouTube channel focusing on .NET and C# can provide valuable resources for programmers looking to strengthen their skills and avoid common pitfalls when working with async/await. That’s when Nick Chapsas’s channel comes in. Nick covers everything C# and .NET and goes through tips old and new. Some solid recommendations are 8 await async mistakes that you SHOULD avoid in .NET and Clean coding using CQRS and MediatR. Notice the all-caps SHOULD: that’s a pep talk move.

11. The Net Ninja

  • 1.14M subscribers
  • 2.1K videos 

Ready to become a black belt developer? Well, that’s actually karate jargon, but you’ll still get acrobatic programming skills with this channel. The Net Ninja has more than 1000 free programming tutorials about Modern JavaScript (beginner to advanced), Node.js, React, Vue.js, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL, Laravel, React Native, Flutter and many more. If you’re willing to take his advice and be a consistent learner, this tech YouTuber will turn you into an advanced developer in no time. 

His Bootstrap tutorial is worth your time, and a great resource to play around with the overall feel of your website. 

12. Google Tech Talks

  • 342K subscribers
  • 2.3K videos

Only 12 countries have a bigger GDP than Google. But, besides being bigger than most states and knowing every nook and cranny about yourself, Google happens to own YouTube. Fifteen years ago, they bought it for a meagre 1.65 billion, so, hey, the least they could do was launch a YouTube channel: Google Tech Talks. This Google-meets-YouTube channel goes deeper into the tech and science industry, providing a more philosophical approach. It's part of an ongoing discussion about our world and the impact technology has on it. 

You might have guessed this, but topics discussed range from well-established to wildly speculative ones. Shuffle through the Piers Ridyard, CEO RDX Works interview to understand what we mean.


Why are you holding out? Explore YouTube's weaknesses and, with the help of these incredible tech YouTubers, you may develop new talents, take on new challenges, and improve as a person. Why not watch one of these tech documentaries while you're at it? Watching trustworthy and engaging documentaries is an excellent approach to advance as a web developer outside of YouTube. 

Top Tech YouTube Channels for Developers in 2023

June 19, 2023
min read

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