February 21, 2023
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Vienna Public Holidays 2024

Eli McGarvie

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is not only known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant arts scene, but also for its numerous public holidays throughout the year. If you are living in Austria, you will get 13 public holidays annually – it's no wonder why Vienna is considered one of the best cities in Europe for its work-life balance.

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List of holidays in Vienna 2024

Date Holiday Day
January 1 New Years Monday
January 6 Three Kings Day Saturday
March 31 Easter Monday Monday
May 1 Labour Day Wednesday
May 9 Ascension Day Thursday
May 20 Whitmonday Monday
May 30 Corpus Christi Thursday
August 15 Assumption Day Thursday
October 26 National Day Saturday
November 1 All Saints’ Day Friday
November 15 St. Leopold's Day Friday
December 8 Immaculate Conception Sunday
December 25 Christmas Day Wednesday
December 26 St. Stephen's Day Thursday

List of holidays in Vienna 2025

Date Holiday Day
January 1 New Years Wednesday
January 6 Three Kings Day Monday
April 21 Easter Monday Monday
May 1 Labour Day Thursday
May 29 Ascension Day Thursday
June 9 Whitmonday Monday
June 19 Corpus Christi Thursday
August 15 Assumption Day Friday
October 26 National Day Sunday
November 1 All Saints’ Day Saturday
November 15 St. Leopold's Day Saturday
December 8 Immaculate Conception Monday
December 25 Christmas Day Thursday
December 26 St. Stephen's Day Friday

Types of Vienna holidays

Here are some of the most popular types of holidays in Vienna:

Vienna public holidays

There are 13 public holidays that are celebrated in Vienna annually. These include New Year's Day, Easter Monday, Labor Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day, and St. Stephen's Day. In addition, there are regional holidays, which are only celebrated in certain regions or states.

Vienna religious holidays

As a predominantly Catholic country, Austria celebrates many religious holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and All Saints' Day.

Easter in Vienna

Easter (Ostern) is one of the most popular holidays celebrated in Vienna, second only to the Christmas season. Easter in Vienna is from April 18th - April 20th 2025

National holidays

Austria celebrates several national holidays, including the National Day of Austria on October 26, which commemorates the country's declaration of neutrality in 1955.

Cultural holidays

Vienna is home to a rich variety of cultural holidays, each with its unique traditions and significance. One such holiday is the famous Vienna Opera Ball, which takes place every year in February and is a celebration of Vienna's rich musical history. Additionally, Vienna celebrates the famous Vienna Ball Season, a series of glamorous and formal balls that take place from November to February.

Cultural festivals

Vienna is famous for its cultural festivals, such as the Vienna Festival, which is an annual celebration of music, theatre, and dance. Vienna also has a range of seasonal festivals, such as the Viennese Ice Dream, which takes place during the winter months, and the Vienna Film Festival, which takes place in the summer.

Significance of holidays

Many Vienna holidays are deeply rooted in the country's history and culture, providing a sense of national pride and identity. For example, the famous Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert is a beloved tradition that has been broadcast worldwide for more than 60 years, showcasing Vienna's rich musical heritage.

How public holidays work in Vienna

In Vienna, public holidays mean most businesses are closed, just like Sundays. Employees get the day off and are still paid. Many people take the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, attend church services, or participate in holiday events and activities.

Vienna Public Holidays 2024

February 21, 2023
min read

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