Driving diversity for tech talents

Ana Gospodinova
Director Talent Management

Companies make moderate progress in diversity and inclusion and consider it more as a metric measure instead of an integral part of the revenue-generating business. WeAreDevelopers as Europe’s leading career community to match software developers with employers launches a diversity webinar to draw the community’s attention to the importance of solving diversity problems in the tech world – guiding companies to create a diverse workforce for the future!

Diversity is not just a metric to strive for. Ideally, it leads to higher revenue, faster problem solving and innovation. It is especially true for the tech industry where diversity of thinking is often a prerequisite for growth. Simply hiring more women, however, is not a guarantee for success. Diversity is not about meeting quotas, and it is about gaining a competitive advantage.

You will get insights:
Holen Sie sich Insights:
  • In the reasons why it is important to go beyond the quotas when it comes to diversity
  • Into the reasons why companies with diverse management teams report 19 % higher revenue?
  • In what you can do to attract and retain a diverse workforce in tech
  • In developers’ expectations and motivation when it comes to changing their job.

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