WeAreDevelopers 2023 Recap
December 27, 2023
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WeAreDevelopers 2023 Recap

Ivana Spiridonovic
Ivana Spiridonovic

In 2023, WeAreDevelopers celebrated another exhilarating year of growth. While our primary focus remained enhancing our services and products to better cater to our community, a substantial part of our dedication was crafting innovative formats to further enrich our offerings. As we prepare to embark on another successful year, we pause to reflect on key moments of the past year and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community, customers, and team.

Another successful year of LIVE days

2023 was another exceptional year for WeAreDevelopers LIVE – our virtual event series designed to deliver insightful tech talks, engaging coding sessions, and enriching workshops tailored to specific tech domains. With 22 LIVE events this year, our diverse topics spanned from Python to Machine Learning, and celebrated Women in Tech. 

Our LIVE Day formats featured an array of engaging sessions including talks, workshops, panels, and community interviews, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Boasting over 100 speakers and welcoming over 20,000 participants, our events garnered an astounding 80,000 on-demand views. Looking to align your brand with relevant topics? Our expert team is here to assist in curating the right format for your audience, elevating your brand and product visibility. Join us for Season 7 and become part of this exciting journey – whether as a participant or a speaker, your expertise is invaluable to us! Apply now and let's shape the future of tech together!

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023

This year’s WeAreDevelopers World Congress was one for the books. We welcomed more than 12,000 developers and 500 speakers from over a hundred countries in Berlin to exchange ideas and meet like minded peers, hosting 15 stages and 40,000 m² of expo and experience spaces to explore. 

Sir Tim Berners-Lee kicked off the congress by sharing his vision for the future of the World Wide Web, StackOverflow introduced a new AI tool called "OverflowAI," while gaming legend John Romero unveiled his biography titled "Doom Guy." If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the recap video here! We also premiered one of the world's first live coding championships, CODE100. But more on that below.

Thinking about joining us in Berlin in 2024? You can get your tickets here!

New beginnings: CODE100 Zagreb

World Congress 2023 unveiled a big surprise and milestone at WeAreDevelopers: the grand launch of Europe’s ultimate coding showdown, CODE100. If you were in Berlin this year, you felt the pulse: it was electric, thrilling, and an unforgettable experience. Felix Wotschofsky claimed the inaugural victory, setting the stage for our exciting journey ahead. The triumph of CODE100 signaled the start of our European tour, taking coding challenges to numerous cities.

Our first stop was CODE100 Zagreb, where we took center stage as the official side event during Advanced Technology Days. Matija Herceg emerged as the victor among 15 talented contenders. And now, the journey continues across other European cities, where other champions will join us for the grand finale at World Congress 2024. Stay tuned for more infos!

New formats with Tech Recruiting Insights

This year we launched our new B2B webinar series “How to recruit”, where we look at recruiting from both sides of the fence, bringing together recruiters and developers to share their different perspectives and experiences. Hosted by our very own Rudi Bauer and Hung Lee, curator at Recruiting Brainfood, we invite guests from various professional backgrounds, focusing on one “developer type” per episode. You can check out all of the previous episodes here!

As a hiring manager, you need to fish where the fishes are - Louise Triance

And since we want to get to know more of you, we also launched Tech Recruiting Nights. Our new in-person event series where we want to provide recruiters the opportunity to exchange ideas in a casual setting. Kicking things off in Berlin, our first edition was all about sourcing tech talent through communities. We tackled the topic in a panel discussion and over drinks and pizza afterwards. Stay tuned for future editions coming to a city near you!

Our 3 hot topics of the year 2023

Community-based sourcing

Community-based sourcing stands as a game-changer in modern recruitment strategies, emphasizing the importance of meeting candidates where they are. At WeAreDevelopers, we champion this approach, understanding that fostering relationships within the tech community goes beyond mere hiring. It's about companies showcasing themselves as alluring employers, establishing trust, and engaging meaningfully with potential talent. How can businesses do that? We have gathered resources to support you.

Common misunderstandings between recruiters and developers

In the recruitment journey between tech recruiters and developers, obstacles often arise due to miscommunication and impersonal methods. Acknowledging these hurdles is crucial. Developers, with diverse expertise spanning Python to DevOps, possess unique preferences that recruiters should recognize. Understanding these nuanced distinctions is pivotal for establishing meaningful connections.

At WeAreDevelopers, we delve into both recruiter and developer perspectives, facilitating open dialogue and mutual learning. Explore further insights through these two articles. 

Before candidates will consider joining your team, they must resonate with your brand. It's about forging connections first, hiring second - Rudi Bauer

The role of AI in recruiting 

Changes in recruitment have been noticeable ever since AI became a part of everyday business. AI plays a big role in HR, especially in things like evaluating candidates, creating scorecards, and finding potential hires. But there's a big focus on finding the right balance between using technology and keeping the human side strong in successful hiring. AI helps make job ads, descriptions, and presentations better and faster, but the most important part of HR is how people connect. Even though AI helps, it can't take over completely because the heart of hiring is in how people interact and make decisions. This teamwork between AI and humans is a big trend that's reshaping how we do recruiting. Want to find out more about the future trends of AI in recruiting?

DevReport Survey 2023

This year, our DevReport Survey 2023 delved into the intricate tech landscape, surveying over 1000 developers across Europe. We explored the role of salary in job changes, the impact of salary transparency, and workplace mental health awareness. Additionally, we focused on understanding career aspirations to bolster developer satisfaction. 

Our goal? Empowering companies with insights to comprehend and engage their tech talent better. As recruitment complexities persist, our survey remains a beacon, providing invaluable insights directly from developers. Recognizing the potential to bridge gaps between companies and developers, we're set to investigate further factors that attract and retain tech talent. Stay tuned for more insights in the upcoming year! 

Transparency, credibility, and realism are essential for effective communication between recruiters and developers - Hung Lee

Tech Recruiting Insights 2024: An Outlook

Having taken a moment to reflect on the milestones of 2023, we're brimming with anticipation for the promising prospects that 2024 holds. As we conclude this recap, we're eager to share a sneak peek into the year ahead: Get ready for the upcoming Tech Recruiting Insights at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin 2024! Mark your calendars from July 17th to 19th for an opportunity to glean wisdom from established HR-sector experts and expand your professional network among industry peers.

We've already secured an exceptional lineup of initial speakers—check them out here!

Stay tuned for further updates and join us in Berlin for an unforgettable experience!


#Wanted and #Misunderstood: A Developer Survey 2023 (Full Report)

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#Wanted and #Misunderstood: A Developer Survey 2023 (Full Report)

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