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Python, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ

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envelio is a company from Cologne, Germany developing software for the digital transformation of energy grids.

Distribution grid operators’ existing IT systems and processes are not ready for the challenge of integrating millions of new renewable generators into the grid. envelio has developed the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) to support distribution system operators in their future challenges and the mass integration of renewable energies and EV charging points into the grid. The IGP is a modular digital and flexible assistance system with three main application areas:

1.) Data quality: Create validated digital grid models with machine learning algorithms

2.)Grid planning: Automate and accelerate processes and workflows of grid planners

3.) Grid operation: Analyze the grid state and avoid congestions in real-time

The IGP is already implemented at various European distribution grid operators including i.a. Iberdrola S.E., one of the biggest utilities in Europe and Westnetz GmbH, the biggest German distribution grid operator.

Developer jobs at envelio

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