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Georg Kühberger & Manuel Pascual - 1 year ago
The future of automotive mobility: Upcoming E/E architectures, V2X and its challenges
Bosch is observing huge upcoming megatrends in our today's world. These megatrends involve everything around us, including people, society, and the environment. In this session, we will present these megatrends and how they affect our lives and more specifically, the design of the E/E (Electric and Electronic) architectures in our cars. Furthermore, we will give insights about some real-world use cases developed by Bosch which drive this change, for instance, Driverless Parking and Road Signature Service. A brief outlook on V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication will be provided together with its possible impact on future E/E architectures. The second part of this session invites an open discussion regarding these topics. The workshop closes, providing further insights on how Bosch is addressing these challenges and giving an overview of the Mobility Solutions developed in Bosch Vienna.
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