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Kit Barclay & Jake Levine - 1 year ago
How to make a 4 day week work for everyone
Awin has been on a 4 day working week since Jan 1st, 2021. The whole company, all 1,200 of us. And it’s amazing! We all love it, which probably isn’t a surprise. I mean, who would say no?! Work 30 hours for the same salary, same holiday entitlement, lots of flexibility over your weekly day off… It’s the dream! But it hasn't come for free. As an organisation, Awin has had to make some big decisions. And we, the Product Development department, have had to react accordingly. How do you keep your delivery on track? How is stakeholder engagement affected? How do you ensure there's enough focus time if there are fewer hours in the week? And how can our teams remain happy and motivated? In this presentation, Kit Barclay (Head of Engineering) and Jake Levine (Solution Architect) will outline some of the bigger changes Product Development have implemented, looking at wins, lessons learnt, and hopefully giving you the ammunition to take the 4 day week argument to your board.
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