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Sani Yusuf - 3 months ago
Protector Of The Realm
Modern applications all have one thing in common: They need secure data access to provide users. Purists will turn to some native Cloud infrastructure, spend days reading about how to spin up a server and add all the extras required to run an app. Another technique is to use a ready-made DB as a service tool with out-of-the-box integration for data access. Both approaches are valid, but we often sacrifice and let go of specific features with each choice. What if we want to add hosting? How do we automate webhooks? Can we migrate to a different infrastructure at a moment's notice? We must go far away to an entirely different Realm to achieve this. This is where we discuss the Mongo Atlas services with the Realm-Web SDK. Think of a ready-made suite with all you need. Authentication, GraphQL, Cloud Functions, and many more are just the features we will demonstrate live. We’ll cover things like: - What are the benefits - What are the limitations - When it makes sense - When it doesn’t make sense - How to get started This talk looks at the range of compute options, describes them, and explains where edge compute fits in. It's not a replacement for any one part, but an addition.
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